The most kick-ass story of the year is an ongoing one: Twinsters. Remember Anaïs and her possible identical twin sisters Samantha? Yep, we  certainly won’t forget the mirror-like look of the pair after we saw Anaïs (or Samantha) dancing at one of our parties last summer, when suddenly her double (who? Anaïs? Samantha?) appeared. Well, the story continues and the past few months they’ve gone through a whirlwind of experiences for their documentary, travelling from LA to Korea. For those unfamiliar with the story or wanting to catch up: visuals tell more than words.

Having previously gained the bulk of our budget through Kickstarter, we are now struggling to complete our project. With every life-changing moment caught on camera, we need additional funds to put all of the pieces together in post-production.

With your support, we made it to London and experienced an amazing 10 days with both of our families in tow. After such an incredible reunion, our relationship quickly blossomed and our story continued to unfold in unexpected ways. We were able to capture even more life-changing events, including 2 weeks in California and 10 days in Seoul, Korea where we attended the International Korean Adoptee Associations (IKAA) 2013 conference, visited our adoption agencies and together, discovered the land where our separation took place.
We are dying to see the London screening very soon, so get your ass over to the KICKSTARTER now! 

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