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Demand anti-racist education

We need an education that addresses racism DIRECTLY

Demand anti-racist education

Talking about and analysing the poor representation of non-white models and creatives in the industry is not enough. Making a project or two on race inequalities is not enough. Casting more models of colour and then counting, and talking badly about the brands that failed to do so is not enough. Hiring more non-white creatives is not enough. The phenomenon of using people of colour as cultural capital that serves our art should stop. We are too comfortable with showing how woke we are, how much we read, how quickly we understand other peoples’ tone deaf mistakes. Multicultural education in universities is not enough. It makes us passive, thinking that knowing an issue exists is as good as doing something about it. We should demand anti-racist education in schools, colleges, workplaces and universities because we live in racist countries, towns and communities. We should demand an education that addresses racism DIRECTLY. Demand this from your teachers, demand this from your parents, demand this from the institution you are in, demand this from yourself. Demand to learn and to unlearn. Demand other people to listen. It can’t be an “optional module” for the ones that are lucky to go to university. We don’t have time to keep stalling, we have to act on this now.

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