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Photographer Alexandra Leese on the power of saying no

British-Chinese photographer Alexandra Leese on empowering the female body and navigating the pressures of the industry

Dec 9, 2020

Referencing and Copying in Fashion: Judith Watt in Conversation with Oleg Mitrofanov

Is thorough fashion research the key difference between referencing and copying?

Dec 8, 2020

How Sandra Poulson wove Angolan history into her collection

The recent graduate discusses her political approach to design and why fashion should be used to spark change.

What do Creative Directors and Designers actually do?

The inherent opaqueness of our industry makes it difficult to look behind the scenes

CSM MA FASHION IMAGE 2020: Meet this year’s graduates

We asked this year’s Fashion Image students about their experience on the course and their hopes for the future

Dec 2, 2020

Julia Ballardt: The poetry of punk

The German designer Julia Ballardt is inspired in her collection by the subculture’s signature emblems of belonging.

A love letter to Helmut Lang’s Eroticism

A fashion student's tribute to the erotic references of Helmut Lang

Nov 27, 2020

CSM Fashion Image student Stephanie Francis Shanahan and the importance of joy in fashion image

CSM MA Fashion Image student on creating a book full of joy

The photographer and artist Stephanie Francis Shanahan talks about the book she created as part of her Fashion Image MA at CSM

Nov 26, 2020

The Rubric Initiative is determined to make fashion an industry for everyone

Discover the charity that aims to make fashion accessible through mentoring and paid internships

Nov 25, 2020

How Yasmina Atta is channeling surrealist African cinema through her graduate collection

The Nigerian designer talks on capturing the feeling of in between-ness that exists when two cultures merge through a single collection that bonds traditional Nigerian doctrines with modern crafting techniques

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