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Central Saint Martins  –  Oct 2020

This is how studying fashion design really looks for the class of 2021

9 Central Saint Martins’ final year fashion design students share how the classes are run, how “blended learning” works, and how much they miss being stressed together..

Sketchbooks  –  Oct 2020

Cecilie Bahnsen: An exclusive look behind her process

A look through Cecilie Bahnsen's studio before finalising a collection, as seen in 1 Granary issue 6

Central Saint Martins  –  Apr 2017

Between historical research and instinctive expression: a conversation with Nicholas Daley

The menswear designer talked us through the research behing his latest collection "Juteopolis".

Artists  –  Mar 2017

Ben Doherty on the fallibility or vulnerability of an artwork

The Royal Academy Schools student on his worship-like art pieces, and how the institution helps furthering his work.

Interviews  –  Mar 2017

From creative director to intern, meet the all-CSM team behind Ports1961

Under the leadership of Natasa Cagalj, the brand (designed entirely by women) is swiftly changing its face.

Central Saint Martins  –  Feb 2017

Degree in Progress: Sam Shaw and Madeline Whitelaw

How are the final year artists getting on?