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Putting together a collection: Paula Canovas Del Vas

Have a look into the process of making of a Paula Canovas Del Vas collection from start to finish

Can the process behind putting together a collection in the midst of European lockdown be fun? Since launching her eponymous label, CSM Fashion graduate Paula Canovas Del Vas is proudly sticking to the bold and vivid visual style that she first introduced with her graduate collection in 2018. At a moment in time when the industry forces young brands to compromise the “artistic” elements of their work in the name of “wearable” and “sellable”, Del Vas proves that you can keep your design identity if you find your niche. Since launching their first collection the brand is choosing to invent new paths and ways of showcasing that stand far away from the traditional format of the catwalk whilst targeting stockists directly. For SS/21 Paula Canovas Del Vas created a self-printed book that provides an insight into the making of the collection instead of focusing only on the final product. Inspired by Spain, fine art, nature, and gastronomy the Del Vas universe is a vast selection of items that can be cross styled with weight on accessories and the signature Diablo shoe which evolves into different versions from season to season. We dived into the way Paula puts together her collections;