Representing the creative future

Fashion Journalism  –  Jun 2021

Olivia Singer on the democratisation of the front row

British Vogue’s fashion news director shares her spontaneous journey into the fashion industry and calls for more clarity amongst young creatives

Fashion Journalism  –  Apr 2021

Advice for young creatives from Susannah Frankel and Alexander Fury

The Editor in Chief and Fashion Features Director of AnOther Magazine talk frankly about the fashion industry, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the publication

Fashion Journalism  –  Feb 2021

Durga Chew-Bose: "Don’t shy away from having a voice"

SSENSE's Managing Editor shares what she is looking for in a writer and how culture informs her work

Mahoro Seward

Fashion Journalism  –  Jan 2021

Mahoro Seward: “Fashion is the most immediate symptom of culture”

i-D’s staff writer & 1 Granary’s former editor on how literature got him into fashion


Fashion Journalism  –  Nov 2020

Isabella Burley on her journey from dropping out of CSM to becoming editor-in-chief of DAZED

The Editor-in-chief of DAZED shares her advice and speaks openly about the reality of running a magazine and pursuing personal projects in 2020

Liam Hess: “It’s all about a sense of humour.”

Fashion Journalism  –  Jul 2020

Liam Hess: “It’s all about a sense of humour”

Buffalo Zine’s Features Editor on the funniest magazine in fashion, working for Vogue and how to get into the industry as a writer

Fashion Journalism  –  Mar 2020

Emma Hope Allwood: “Dazed has been my education”

Dazed Digital’s Head of Fashion on internet culture, self-education, dealing with imposter syndrome and adapting fashion content during a pandemic

Fashion Journalism  –  Mar 2020

Clare Press: Wardrobe Crisis

Vogue Australia’s Sustainability Editor on climate-conscious fashion journalism

Fashion Journalism  –  Mar 2020

Nellie Eden: Redefining beauty for a new era

The Editor of Dazed Beauty discusses her multifaceted career, the blurred lines of modern publishing, and why the beauty industry needs more diversity.

Fashion Journalism  –  Feb 2020

@skipdin’s Fashion Week Survival Guide

An exclusive glimpse inside the award-wanting fashion satirist’s debut print publication

Fashion Journalism  –  Jan 2020

‘She’s a fashion journalist, what does she know?’

The New York Times journalist Elizabeth Paton makes a compelling case for critical fashion journalism in the era of Fake News and fast fashion

Angelo Flaccavento

Fashion Journalism  –  Jan 2020

Angelo Flaccavento: Honest fashion criticism will save us all

Fashion critic Angelo Flaccavento discusses influence, originality and how fashion lost touch with both