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Miscellaneous  –  May 2024

Is Copenhagen the newest hotspot for young designers?

CPHFW NEWTALENT’s new cohort of emerging brands on sustainability and success

Miscellaneous  –  May 2024

Sarabande Foundation’s practical & free one-day workshop with industry professionals comes to NYC

“College is behind you and everything that happens tomorrow is still to be discovered.”

Miscellaneous  –  Apr 2024

High & Low – John Galliano : The documentary

What we learned and how to watch it

Miscellaneous  –  Apr 2024

1 Granary TENCEL™ Club: Finding community after fashion school

We need more bridges between industry and education. This virtual community might be one.

Miscellaneous  –  Mar 2024

Meet this year’s Alpha 1 Granary Mentorship Prize winners

1 Granary partners with ALPHA for the second year in a row to champion emerging fashion designers in the Nordics

Miscellaneous  –  Feb 2024

Taya Francis on how she got BFC’s new scholarship

The recipient of the inaugural Joe Casely-Hayford MA Scholarship shares insights on how she got the funding

Miscellaneous  –  Jan 2024

How to get into Fashion PR

A PR executive at Lucien Pagès Communications shares tips on kickstarting your PR career

Miscellaneous  –  Jan 2024

Fashion educators share their advice for the new year

Fashion tutors across the world gift their words of wisdom

Miscellaneous  –  Oct 2023


A list with the best books on fashion textiles and fabric manipulation

Miscellaneous  –  Sep 2023

1 GRANARY ISSUE SEVEN: anonymous testimonies from the inside of luxury fashion studios

How can we build a healthier and less secretive industry? We started by having uncomfortable conversations

Miscellaneous  –  Jun 2023

How do you deal with post-college panic and what makes a good portfolio?

"What Now?": A graduate's survival guide by the Sarabande Foundation