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Miscellaneous  –  Feb 2024

Taya Francis on how she got BFC’s new scholarship

The recipient of the inaugural Joe Casely-Hayford MA Scholarship shares insights on how she got the funding

Miscellaneous  –  Jan 2024

How to get into Fashion PR

A PR executive at Lucien Pagès Communications shares tips on kickstarting your PR career

Miscellaneous  –  Jan 2024

Fashion educators share their advice for the new year

Fashion tutors across the world gift their words of wisdom

Miscellaneous  –  Oct 2023


A list with the best books on fashion textiles and fabric manipulation

Miscellaneous  –  Sep 2023

1 GRANARY ISSUE SEVEN: anonymous testimonies from the inside of luxury fashion studios

How can we build a healthier and less secretive industry? We started by having uncomfortable conversations

Miscellaneous  –  Jun 2023

How do you deal with post-college panic and what makes a good portfolio?

"What Now?": A graduate's survival guide by the Sarabande Foundation

Miscellaneous  –  Feb 2023

Ask an accountant! Fashion freelancer edition

You sent us your tax questions. We went to the experts.

Miscellaneous  –  Jan 2023

Are you comfortable knowing what a designer bag is really made of?

Leather expert Tanner Leatherstein is more than happy to cut a bag open and ask out loud if it's worth the money

Miscellaneous  –  Dec 2022

Join us tonight, turn off your lights for Ukraine

Tonight at 8pm, cities around the world are turning off their festive lights for Ukraine

Miscellaneous  –  Nov 2022

Ask 1 Granary: A Christmas advice column!

Share your stories and questions with us at

Miscellaneous  –  Oct 2022

A deep dive into the history of Raf Simons before his LFW debut

The Raf Simons Show is finally happening tomorrow and we can't help but dive into the designer's history