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Miscellaneous  –  Nov 2022

Ask 1 Granary: A Christmas advice column!

Share your stories and questions with us at

Opinion  –  Nov 2022

Nobody said it was easy, yet here you are, starting a brand

Fashion refuses to talk money, even during an economic crisis: youthful naivité or willful ignorance?

Opinion  –  Nov 2022

Is side hustling burning out young creatives?

What is the reality of young creatives that have to side hustle to survive?

Fashion Image  –  Nov 2022

How Sam Ross’ New School is transforming the world of artist management for good

We went to New School’s “Major” exhibition at 180 Strand and asked all the questions

Opinion  –  Oct 2022

Business of Misery: How can emerging brands recession-proof their business?

We asked fashion buyers how young brands can tackle the challenges of the current economic climate

Opinion  –  Nov 2022

Four students discuss: If fashion is a reflection of the zeitgeist is fashion a dystopia?

A long conversation with four Fashion Critical Studies students on the state of fashion today

Designers  –  Sep 2022

Garbage Core on building a brand in Italy and the hardships of production

On the weekend of the Italian election we sat down with Giuditta Tanzi to talk about keeping the Garbage Core magic alive in production

Designers  –  May 2022

Jaden Cho on UK education and making fashion in Seoul

Exploring the complex topic of cultural identity in fashion with Seoul-based designer Jaden Cho

Designers  –  Apr 2022

Who made your clothes? For most London designers, it’s probably Loop Studio

A conversation with Loop Studio, the knitwear atelier marrying creativity and technique

Designers  –  Nov 2021

Nong Rak: The full story behind the knits that everyone is talking about

The creative duo, Cherry W. Rain-Phuangfueang and Home Phuangfueang, on sustainability, Instagram, and perseverance

Fashion Image  –  May 2022

Liz Collins and Penny Martin talk fashion photography

An intimate chat about Liz Collins' journey and what makes a good fashion image at the Sarabande Foundation

Miscellaneous  –  Mar 2021

A very long list of fashion podcasts

From advice on pattern cutting to luxury fashion in Early Black African civilisations, this podcast list covers everything fashion-related!

Opinion  –  Oct 2021

Do I need a fashion degree to work in fashion?

Are disruptive design careers an exception from the rule?

Designers  –  Oct 2022

Louisa Ballou on following your instincts to build a successful business

The designer behind every it girls' favourite label talks about building her brand, her process, and her strategy

Interviews  –  Jul 2021

Jessica Madavo speaks to Ronan Mckenzie about forging your own career path

Is there a way to have a career in the industry if you do not attend a university or have any connections?

Graduate Shows  –  Nov 2022

SST 2022: Meet the Swedish School of Textiles fashion graduates

Discover the sketchbooks of this year’s SST fashion graduates

Graduate Shows  –  Jun 2022

Antwerp MA Fashion show 2022: Small team, big ideas

Meet the 12 fashion master graduates of Antwerp’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts

Graduate Shows  –  Jun 2022

IFM BA 2022: Cerebral fashion that digs into the personal

Discover the collections and sketchbooks of the first generation of BA fashion designers graduating from the Institut Français de la Mode

Royal College of Art  –  Jul 2022

RCA FASHION 2022: Reimagining materiality

Discover the process and creative worlds of this year’s RCA fashion class

Fashion Image  –  Oct 2021

Ib Kamara, Gareth Wrighton, and Lynette Nylander on the making of Dazed's 30th-anniversary issue

Dazed’s new leading team talks about the making of the iconic Rihanna cover shoot and the importance of pushing towards a new direction

Fashion Image  –  Dec 2021

Ryan Chappell: What does a movement director do?

The sought-after movement director explains the basis of his profession

Fashion Educators  –  Dec 2018

San Francisco's Simon Ungless

“Do you have a sex tape? Otherwise, I suggest you start designing.”

Fashion Journalism  –  Jan 2022

A coffee date with Suzy Menkes

Iconic fashion critic Suzy Menkes contemplates her career through the decades with young fashion journalist Rose Dodd