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Miscellaneous  –  Feb 2023

Ask an accountant! Fashion freelancer edition

You sent us your tax questions. We went to the experts.

Central Saint Martins  –  Jan 2023

A group of CSM students refused to take part in a live project with a brand. This is what they did instead

We sat down with 10 students from Central Saint Martins, to talk about the presentation of their collaborative, community-based project, Voyagers

Business Insiders  –  Dec 2022

Lisa Lang teaches us how to talk politics in fashion

The policy expert had us asking about COP27… and caring about the answer

Business Insiders  –  Jan 2023

Alice Bouleau knows how to land a design job (she’s the one recruiting for them)

The Sterling International hiring consultant talked to us about matchmaking, salaries, and fashion’s obsession with age

Central Saint Martins  –  Dec 2022


1 Granary goes behind the scenes and discovers the process behind the 2022 edition of Central Saint Martins’ White Show

Miscellaneous  –  Jan 2023

Are you comfortable knowing what a designer bag is really made of?

Leather expert Tanner Leatherstein is more than happy to cut a bag open and ask out loud if it's worth the money

Fashion Image  –  Aug 2022

Isabella Brunner: Vogue’s Visuals Editor on putting mental health above your career

can it be beneficial for a fashion professional to prioritise their personal wellbeing or will it always feel like a sacrifice?

Fashion Image  –  Sep 2021

Surviving fashion as an introvert. Ellie Grace Cumming did it her own way

The "In Dust" collaborator Ellie Grace Cumming about the importance of building a network

Designers  –  Oct 2022

FURNITURECORE: Designers working between fashion and furniture design

Three multidisciplinary designers reflect on the blurred lines between fashion and furniture, and how their work blends the two together

Opinion  –  May 2020

“SO CSM”: Are art-school kids a subculture?

Can we talk about an authentic subculture when today’s students need to fit in a system in order to survive?

Opinion  –  May 2020

How does it feel when everyone looks at your job as a hobby?

With the rise of artistic activities as hobbies, we are investigating the effect of “art is for everyone” on the realities of professional creatives

Opinion  –  Nov 2022

Is side hustling burning out young creatives?

What is the reality of young creatives that have to side hustle to survive?

Opinion  –  May 2022

Is fashion education really trying to decolonise itself?

Fashion students and Academics open up about the act of decolonising in a system built on race, class and privilege

Opinion  –  Oct 2021

Do I need a fashion degree to work in fashion?

Are disruptive design careers an exception from the rule?

Opinion  –  Mar 2021

Trained for unemployment

Universities emphasise cultural capital, while companies value profit first. Is it time education talks about money?

Designers  –  Nov 2021

Nong Rak: The full story behind the knits that everyone is talking about

The creative duo, Cherry W. Rain-Phuangfueang and Home Phuangfueang, on sustainability, Instagram, and perseverance

Graduate Shows  –  Dec 2022

Deeply personal and relevant: Discover  the 2022 HEAD graduates

Crawling out of their shell, the students show the world what Swiss fashion is

Graduate Shows  –  Nov 2022

SST 2022: Meet the Swedish School of Textiles fashion graduates

Discover the sketchbooks of this year’s SST fashion graduates

Graduate Shows  –  Jun 2022

Antwerp MA Fashion show 2022: Small team, big ideas

Meet the 12 fashion master graduates of Antwerp’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts

Graduate Shows  –  Jun 2022

IFM BA 2022: Cerebral fashion that digs into the personal

Discover the collections and sketchbooks of the first generation of BA fashion designers graduating from the Institut Français de la Mode

Designers  –  Jul 2022

Molly Goddard on building a healthy company

We sat down with Molly Goddard and talked about the beginning of her brand, fashion, and motherhood

Designers  –  Jul 2022

Robyn Lynch: "As a young designer, your next collection always feels like a gamble."

The Irish menswear designer explains why social connections are crucial to avoid chaos

Fashion Journalism  –  Oct 2021

Steff Yotka made us fall in love with fashion again

The Vogue Runway editor writes with a burning passion for clothes ‒ the spark our industry needs

Opinion  –  Feb 2021

Are we tired of the big cities?

The dream of making it in a fashion capital is bursting as creatives make mental health their priority