Representing the creative future

Opinion  –  Jun 2022

How can we create a better future for Ukrainian creative talent?

We speak to Ukrainian stylist and creative director Julie Pelipas about why businesses need to not only help but hire Ukrainian creatives

Fashion Image  –  Jun 2022

Mokoro: An exhibition of sanctuary, creativity, and sisterhood

Kristin-Lee Moolman, Louise Ford and Sophie Strobele discuss their new exhibition, MOKORO, a multimedia project documenting the work and sisterhood of Kenya’s Warembo Wasanii

Designers  –  Jun 2022

Browns Focus Season 2: Why is supporting independent designers important?

Launched in 2021, this June the iconic London retailer, boutique and E-com giant introduced the second iteration of its program

Graduate Shows  –  Jun 2022

IFM BA 2022: Cerebral fashion that digs into the personal

Discover the collections and sketchbooks of the first generation of BA fashion designers graduating from the Institut Français de la Mode

Designers  –  Jun 2022

Chloé Nardin: Fashioning cuteness in menswear

Mixing codes of sportswear and childlike elements, the work of the French designer is an intimate ode to men’s fashion

Opinion  –  Jun 2022

Lots of likes but no cash: Can young avant-garde designers pay the rent?

Fashion loves an artistic showpiece, but is the sudden online exposure harming young designers?

Miscellaneous  –  Jun 2022


We put together the ultimate guide of this year's must-see art school graduate shows

Miscellaneous  –  Jun 2022

APOC Grants: Meet the 5 winners

The contemporary online marketplace announces the five winners of its £1,000 grant scheme

Miscellaneous  –  May 2022

A love letter to Alexander McQueen’s ‘Bumsters’

Looking into Alexander McQueen's iconic "Bumsters" and exploring how a radical cut can influence fashion

Miscellaneous  –  May 2022

10 fashion academic terms you hear all the time, explained

A cheat sheet to sounding really intellectual (and becoming a little wiser in the process)

Opinion  –  Jun 2022

Instagram’s prudeness is ruining my art

Social media reinforces oppressive conformity and censors creative self-expression

Graduate Shows  –  Jun 2022

Ravensbourne Fashion: Class of 2022

Discover the sketchbooks and final looks of the 15 graduates from Ravensbourne university

Graduate Shows  –  Jun 2022

Antwerp MA Fashion show 2022: Small team, big ideas

Meet the 12 fashion master graduates of Antwerp’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts

Graduate Shows  –  Jun 2022

FIT MFA 2022: An unbound creative spirit

Dive into the designs of the 13 graduates from this year’s FIT MFA in Fashion Design

Graduate Shows  –  Jun 2022

Westminster BA Fashion 2022: Past Preservation, Future Adaptation

Thumb through the sketchbooks, uncover the concepts and meet the designers making fashion mindful

Designers  –  May 2022

Red3licte: A charity collective with an appetite for surrealism

Meet the collaborators releasing an avant-garde fashion line and three altruistic zines

Designers  –  Jun 2022

Christopher Reid makes gender-fluid corsets that subvert history

Christopher Reid shares how their fantasy corsets defy traditional notions of the binary

Artists  –  Jun 2022

Masha Reva on experiencing creative success during the war

One week she was working with Harry Styles. The next she was forced to leave her home country as it was invaded by Russia

Fashion Image  –  Jun 2022

"To be heard and to be held": Stephanie Francis-Shanahan on her new publication

Can an artist survive from their art and why do we need communities to navigate reality?

Designers  –  May 2022

Jaden Cho on UK education and making fashion in Seoul

Exploring the complex topic of cultural identity in fashion with Seoul-based designer Jaden Cho

Schools  –  Apr 2022

A new approach towards sustainability: IFM x Kering Certificate

The Paris-based fashion school Institute Français de la Mode is bonding students with key industry players. Discover all the projects!

Fashion Image  –  May 2022

Central Saint Martins BA Fashion Communication 2022: Get to Know the Graduates

As degree show celebrations begin, we speak to the next generation amplifying fashion’s voice

Fashion Educators  –  Dec 2018

San Francisco's Simon Ungless

“Do you have a sex tape? Otherwise, I suggest you start designing.”

Designers  –  Jun 2022

Alix Higgins: What is it like having a fashion show for the first time?

We spoke to Alix Higgins about the reality of being a freelance designer in Australia, his production process, and his first ever fashion show