Representing the creative future

Interviews  –  Apr 2024

Breakfast with Highsnobiety’s founder David Fischer

Establishing resilience in a turbulent industry

Interviews  –  Dec 2023

Breakfast with System Magazine’s editor in chief Jonathan Wingfield

Jonathan Wingfield on the framework behind the magazine publishing fashion’s most captivating interviews

Interviews  –  Dec 2023

Independent retailers are suffering. Are emerging brands the key to their survival?

VooStore’s creative director Thibaud Guyonnet shares his honest advice for young designers

Interviews  –  Oct 2023

The ins-and-outs of fashion PR with Daisy Hoppen

The founder of DH-PR on whether you need PR, how to do it yourself as an emerging designer, and why you really ought to be tapping into London’s support networks

Interviews  –  Oct 2023

Why is everyone in fashion so stressed?

From the press and communication departments of Saint Laurent and MCQ to building a mindfulness farm, Clara Johansson takes us through her journey

Designers  –  Oct 2023

How can emerging brands end overproduction?

How can a fashion brand use upcycling, production strategy, and storytelling as solutions to over production? We talked with the founders of Mending for Good to find out.

Interviews  –  May 2023

How do you turn your creative talent into a viable career?

D&AD’s Shift night school offers creatives an alternative into the industry

Designers  –  Apr 2023

Are you ready for a knitwear revolution?

IFM Knitwear Director Adam Jones explains how knitwear can transform our industry

Artists  –  Apr 2023

“The best way to protest is to create”: In conversation with Louise Gray

The multidisciplinary artist and educator on her latest exhibition, collaboration, and finding freedom in creativity

Interviews  –  Mar 2023

Lucia Cuba is the new director of the Parsons Fashion Design and Society MFA

A conversation on fashion education and the urgent need to rethink the curriculum