Representing the creative future

Opinion  –  Jul 2023

Do I need a PhD to be a fashion academic?

How to get into an academic career or how to use it to follow another pathway?

Opinion  –  Jun 2023

Fashion knows that sex sells. But those who sell sex are rarely given a voice

Dear fashion, Sex Workers are more than erotic mascots

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Pain or privilege? What it takes to live from your art

Can you really survive as an artist? Three artists share how they make money in art

Opinion  –  Apr 2023

The next creative revolution will take place on the factory floor

A healthier industry can only exist if the gap between design and production is closed

Opinion  –  Feb 2023

Why is fashion week so awkward?

Fashion week is presented as “a celebration of creativity and innovation” yet interactions between guests often feel uncomfortable.

Opinion  –  Nov 2022

Is side hustling burning out young creatives?

What is the reality of young creatives that have to side hustle to survive?

Opinion  –  Nov 2022

Nobody said it was easy, yet here you are, starting a brand

Fashion refuses to talk money, even during an economic crisis: youthful naivité or willful ignorance?

Opinion  –  Nov 2022

Four students discuss: If fashion is a reflection of the zeitgeist is fashion a dystopia?

A long conversation with four Fashion Critical Studies students on the state of fashion today

Opinion  –  Oct 2022

Business of Misery: How can emerging brands recession-proof their business?

We asked fashion buyers how young brands can tackle the challenges of the current economic climate

Opinion  –  Jul 2022

Am I a failure if I don’t intern during the summer?

Have summer work placements become the new trading currency of fashion education and can one suceed without them?

Opinion  –  Jul 2022

Uncovering a creative's toxic relationship with resting

A deep dive into what makes it so hard for creatives to take breaks

Opinion  –  Jun 2022

Lots of likes but no cash: Can young avant-garde designers pay the rent?

Fashion loves an artistic showpiece, but is the sudden online exposure harming young designers?