Representing the creative future

Opinion  –  Nov 2022

Is side hustling burning out young creatives?

What is the reality of young creatives that have to side hustle to survive?

Opinion  –  Nov 2022

Nobody said it was easy, yet here you are, starting a brand

Fashion refuses to talk money, even during an economic crisis: youthful naivité or willful ignorance?

Opinion  –  Nov 2022

Four students discuss: If fashion is a reflection of the zeitgeist is fashion a dystopia?

A long conversation with four Fashion Critical Studies students on the state of fashion today

Opinion  –  Oct 2022

Business of Misery: How can emerging brands recession-proof their business?

We asked fashion buyers how young brands can tackle the challenges of the current economic climate

Opinion  –  Jul 2022

Am I a failure if I don’t intern during the summer?

Have summer work placements become the new trading currency of fashion education and can one suceed without them?

Opinion  –  Jul 2022

Uncovering a creative's toxic relationship with resting

A deep dive into what makes it so hard for creatives to take breaks

Opinion  –  Jun 2022

Lots of likes but no cash: Can young avant-garde designers pay the rent?

Fashion loves an artistic showpiece, but is the sudden online exposure harming young designers?

Opinion  –  Jun 2022

How can we create a better future for Ukrainian creative talent?

We speak to Ukrainian stylist and creative director Julie Pelipas about why businesses need to not only help but hire Ukrainian creatives

Opinion  –  Jun 2022

Instagram’s prudeness is ruining my art

Social media reinforces oppressive conformity and censors creative self-expression

Opinion  –  May 2022

Is fashion education really trying to decolonise itself?

Fashion students and Academics open up about the act of decolonising in a system built on race, class and privilege

Opinion  –  Apr 2022

Looking into the political significance of the hijab

Muslim students protest for their religious rights in response to the hijab ban in Indian schools. Why is the hijab more than a piece of fabric?

Opinion  –  Apr 2022

Fashion school: Empty bank accounts and a taste of luxury

Fashion students open up about how the pressure to dress a certain way in art school affects their wallet