10 Dec 2018

Fashion Educators

San Francisco's Simon Ungless

“Do you have a sex tape? Otherwise, I suggest you start designing.”

25 May 2018

How to

Build An Independent Fashion Brand

Ahead of tomorrow's festival, the Bridge Co. founder Katie Rose gives young designers advice on where to start.

29 Oct 2017

Fashion Educators

Fleet Bigwood

"Trends to me are things that other people make up."

03 Jul 2017

Business Insiders

Jenny Meirens

Business and creativity merged with Jenny Meirens

23 Feb 2016

Graduate Shows

Central Saint Martins MA Fashion 2016


Inside the Central Saint Martins Fashion Textiles Studios

11th November

There is one area of the fashion studios that is slightly shrouded in an air of secrecy: the fashion textiles studios. Tucked away in the back of Central Saint Martins, it is the birthplace of self-made fabrics. We decided to wander around the place where looms seem to be in constant motion, and captured some of the best works-in-progress.

Featured students:

Eleanor Henson BA Textile Design 3rd year

Sheetal Shah BA Textile Design  3rd year

Finally O’Keeffe Textile Design 3rd year

Shanelle Park BA Textile Design 1st year

Sally Cheung BA Textile Design 2nd year

Photography by Oliver Vanes for 1 Granary