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Getting to know: Matthew Adams Dolan

The Parsons MFA Fashion Design and Society graduate just launched his new collection. But who is the man behind 'MAD'?

Matthew Adams Dolan is a Pisces, and believes his personality truly reflects it. Matthew graduated from the MFA Fashion Design and Society program at Parsons in 2014 and has lived in many different places – AustraliaJapanSwitzerland, and America. Out of these, he doesn’t have a favourite, and knows that each place he’s been is special in its own way. Matthew daydreams while walking – usually about the beach. He loves brussel sprouts and doesn’t know if he believes in life after death. Matthew’s mother is an avid needleworker. To Matthew, denim as a material is strong, familiar, easy, constant. He believes that youth means naivety, means innocence, means bravery. A time of learning, of maturity, of growth. Matthew thinks that winter brings forth change, and to Matthew, change is always positive. He is motivated by passion, frustrated by ignorance, and knows that a one dollar pizza slice represents the feeling of love, and the feeling of his home – New York City. Matthew is currently in love, and if he wasn’t doing fashion, he isn’t sure what he’d be doing instead.