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Can you really study fashion online?

Our survey indicated that students' learning experience and wellbeing are suffering.

Last week we ran a series of questions through our Instagram aimed at fashion students who are currently studying remotely. The response we received, from over 400 students, indicated their learning experience and wellbeing are suffering.

Whilst many sung praise to the efforts of their tutors, others felt neglected by their educators and the government. There is no doubt that these are exceptional circumstances and the measures in place to limit the spread of covid are needed. But with students still paying full fees for a limited-service and, in many cases, rent for unused accommodation the cries of dissatisfaction are unsurprising.

Through 2020 most campuses in the UK implemented “blended learning,” a combination of in-person tutorials and digital lectures. In the previous two lockdowns, universities have been allowed to stay open, at a limited capacity. However, due to the current national lockdown, as of January 5th, courses are required to be taught entirely online, this is expected to last until mid-February at the earliest. 

Putting aside the practical limitations and the inconclusive conversations for a solution, how do students feel about online fashion school?


“Not learning anything :(”


“no motivation to work, nothing is stimulating me or inspiring since I’m stuck home”

“trying to keep the mood up in search of an internship ”

“depressed.. creativity at an all time low”

“shit- doing foundation at csm as international student from the states the stress of doing BAF at CSM while online is crippling ”

“keeping head up high struggling around all restrictions”

“burnt out “

“no sleep and isolated but passion is passion”

“really really shitty ”


“super shit, had to stop uni as i could not handle it”

“mis-sold a dream!”

“stuck in different country due to covid restrictions so been withdrawn from the course”

“just graduated and actually got a job”


“well! the learning experience is still quite good even with the restrictions in Paris”


“stressful and impossible in my household”

“getting old but learning a new skillset “

“depends on motivation”

“so unfocused “

“difficult, tutors have not seen out work in person”

“id like to do a 4 year course because i have missed so much “

“waste of money “

“not what i paid for. online pattern cutting tutorials do not work “

“extremely stressful “

“trying but nowhere near as productive “

“had to rent a studio space”

“I’m on placement year I have no clue what to do and have had barely any contact from uni “

“i love the flexibility “

“i miss communication”

“impossible “

“more time to focus on what I want to say “

“I have learned to be self sufficient “

“making memes about it”

“I deferred”



When asked how they think the government could handle how education would adapt to the pandemic better, students replied:

“As a internatinoal student I feel the students should at least be charged in state tuition ”

“pause course/compensate”

“give us a partial refund”

“appreciate that not all students have access to home studios”

“They could’ve not forced students back when we knew the virus was serious!”

“I wish they would have shifted a term over”