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The exclusive partnership gives 2020 fashion graduates the power to network, present and sell their work.

1 Granary x Pinterest: Designers to hire 2020

Building a bridge between fashion education and industry, that has always been the purpose of 1 Granary. This is especially important in times of crisis, when it becomes easy to think that creativity has no practical purpose.



Our industry considers graduation a spectacle. Final collections are presented to insiders with a show, a brief time window to make an impression before the garments disappear in a closet. The lucky ones get hired on the spot, the others are left to start from scratch. What a waste of hard work!


How can graduate work be easily discovered, continuously amplified, and reshared over a long period of time? Can we develop a showcase of the best design work from around the world where designers can determine on their own how they would like to evolve it? Can it translate into sales and an ever-growing audience?


That is why 1 Granary and Pinterest collaborated on a project dedicated entirely to the graduating design talent, a practical tool to research, network, and sell.


Through a series of in-depth profiles and portfolios from students all around the world and by using Pinterest’s newest native publishing format, Story Pins, the visual discovery platform offers both an insight into their ways of thinking and a track for future employability. Readers and Pinterest users can interact with the work, while employers can scout potential additions to their company. Stylists can book requests with designers through direct message and recruiters are granted unprecedented access to a global talent pool, with in-depth insights into the designers’ skills and knowledge. The designers, on the other hand, have the opportunity to commercialise their work through the Product Pins.


The portfolios focus on research, design development, and work in progress because those represent the many skills these graduates acquired during their education. Because fashion design isn’t just a spectacle, it’s also an in-depth understanding of the body in space and the role of culture in society as a whole, providing original perspectives and modes of problem-solving.


This isn’t a competition or a finite list. The partnership will continue to grow and develop into an interactive archive. These graduates are no emerging talents to watch. They do not sit passively in a corner waiting for a charitable gate-keeper to open a door. These are skilled and knowledgeable workers, ready to contribute to this field and apply their creative problem-solving to the many issues facing our industry.


These are designers to hire.