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CSM Insider: Meet Cecily, 1st year Fashion Knitwear student

My phone buzzes glowing with a message… “Hello! Jus checkin…. you’re still okay to come at 11?” Cecily’s doing me the favour of inviting me into her flat for a shoot, and she’s the one messaging me to check if I’m still available. I arrive 5 min early and after a quick message, I see a blur of wild red locks appear before me. Chocolate kale smoothie in hand, golden boots unzipped and flapping, Cecily shows me up to her flat.
the Futuro House

Craig Barnes, the man who owns a spaceship house

The Futuro House is perhaps one of the most poignant incarnations of the utopian spirit of the 60’s and 70’s and its downfalls. Conceived as a ski cabin, it embodies a time where technological advancements seemed to have promised a future of leisure and economical prosperity. However, it was hated by the public, and most of the units were destroyed. Artist and CSM alumni Craig Barnes bought and renovated one of the few remaining houses, and set it up first at Matt's Gallery, and now on top of Central Saint Martins. In our definitely less optimistic times, we met him inside the Futuro House to talk about his relationship with it.

Wearable Walls – New Waves: Claudia Girbau Pina

Spanish-born CSM BA Fashion Design and Marketing graduate Claudia Girbau Pina approaches her designs as architectural experiments, describing her garments as “jackets, worn by a person, but buttoned to a wall.” While she initially found the autodidactic method of Central Saint Martins “disorientating,” her final collection is a refined exploration of the feminine subject in the masculine, modern city; fitting, as she packs her bags to explore another European fashion capital.

Fashioning Spaces: Curating Contemporary Fashion outside the Institution

Why are alternative fashion displays often better at showcasing fashion than the traditional fashion museum? Jihane Dyer, a graduate of Central Saint Martins’ Fashion...


Robert Wallace has a straight-to-the-point approach to his fashion design without too much focus on concept, concentrating instead on the precision and cleanliness of...

6,000 stitches – New Waves: Rebecca Jeffs

The Mancunian Central Saint Martins graduate Rebecca Jeffs almost had a nervous breakdown when she enrolled at Central Saint Martins, but found the “blood,...


As a part of the first batch coming out of Central Saint Martins’ King’s Cross campus, the charismatic Daniel W. Fletcher designed a menswear...


Nathan Moy is easily recognised for his incredibly fashionable exterior. He helped making an outfit for Beyonce while interning at Alexander Wang, and for...

Towards Maximalist Menswear – New Waves: Wataru Tominaga

Transitioning to Central Saint Martin's BA Fashion Print was not particularly violent to Wataru Tominaga. Originally from Japan, he had previously studied in two...

SONIC INTRUSION – New Waves: Qiuyu Yu

Royal College of Art graduate Qiuyu Yu approaches fashion through science and emotion, studying sound waves interference and negative space, and incorporates it into technically-advanced pieces in primary colours. She travelled from South-West China to Kensington via King's Cross to identify her own definition of fashion -- we asked Qiuyu Yu about her process and how to negotiate technology, conceptualism and craft in one's practice.

Defining Youth, (Un)representing sexuality: The eroticism of Leonard Arceo’s Romeo Magazine

When Leonard Arceo graduated with his masterly skilled cohort from Central Saint Martin’s cross-disciplinary course Fashion Communication and Promotion, he presented Romeo Magazine, an...

Quad Bike Glamour, New Waves: Tingzhi Liu

Since childhood, Central Saint Martins graduate Tingzhi Liu, originally from Singapore, has loved dressing up. She mixes personal memories and fashion-historical research as she...