Being inexperienced has one advantage: it’s easier to think outside of the box if you don’t know it exists. After all, new ideas can’t breathe when they’re framed by old habits. But what happens to an industry that lays out a one-size-fits-all, ready-made path for newcomers? Supposedly, there is only one way to do it right: build up an online following, get picked up by the right buyers and editors, ignore your student loan debt and show in Paris. Convention is not a friend of creation; collaboration, on the other hand, can nourish it.

That is what 1 Granary is all about. The idea behind VOID is simple: six fashion designers open up their world to be interpreted by a creative team. Thus, the young are no longer ‘ones to watch’, where all that’s visible is their relative newness; instead, their ideas are celebrated, confronted 
and expanded. The results prove that the best things in fashion come in teams.

VOID was conceived, designed and produced by 1 Granary

Creative Director
Olya Kuryshchuk

Ligaya Salazar

Aya Noël

Junior Editor
Mahoro Seward

Showroom Director
Natassa Stamouli

Showroom Assistant
Georgia Canning

Production Assistants
Karl Felix and Isidora Durovic

Portraits by
Karl Skurril

Gabriele Skucas Creative Directors Jacobs + Talbourdet-Napoleone Photographer Thurstan Redding Stylist Charlotte Roberts Writer Aya Noël

419 Collective Creative Director and Photographer Olu Odukoya Stylist Ibrahim Kamara Writer Mahoro Seward

Rebecca Jeffs Creative Director Marina Francisco (DJA) Photographer Chris Rhodes Video Albert Moya Stylist Danielle van Camp Writer Lucy Macdonald

Chopova Lowena Creative Director Ben Kelway Stylist Eliza Conlon Writer Irina Baconsky

Charlotte Knowles Creative Director Ted Lovett Photographer Harley Weir Stylist Georgia Pendlebury Writer Darian Nugent

Sinéad O’Dwyer Creative Director Jasmine Raznahan (ARPA) Photographer Sharna Osborne Stylist Danielle Emerson Writer Elvira Højberg