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Central Saint Martins White Show 2021

Watch this year's show and explore the visual universe behind it

In the last few years, the White Show took place on the bridges that connect the floors of the King’s Cross campus, in front of tutors, guests, and hundreds of students who were getting squished to watch the event. The garments that walk the runway might not be perfectly finished, but what they stand for can’t be found in any established show at the Strand: talent entering the process of learning how to create, not exiting it – a whole event showcasing the seed and not the flower. This is why The White Show is so precious this year, proving that no matter how often the system is telling us that our fields are not worth fighting for, young creativity continues to set its roots.

This year’s White Show was divided into three conceptual axes: VOID, ODYSSEY, and MONITUS.  Have a look at the process behind the show’s production by the Fashion and Communication students

MONITUS , BA Fashion Design Knitwear and BA Fashion Print

In the digital age it feels as if our right to autonomy seldom exists. Despite being observed, tracked, and monitored we disregard the encroachment of surveillance-based technologies on our daily ives. The system has gained access to every aspect of our identities through our reliance on interconnectivity, with surveillance strategies built into our devices and communities. As our reality feels more disconnected than ever we have taken the opportunity to reimagine The White Show, speaking explicitly about the supremacy of technology in modern society. Monitus will be showcasing the garments of BA Fashion Print and Knitwear students in an ironically digital location. 

Text by Katie Hudson  

Portraits of the BA Fashion Design Knitwear and BA Fashion Print designers by Macy Kerrigan
Renders by Aïcha Sommer
Zeid Hijazi by Justin Jensen
Yuxi Tao
Yifei Sun
Yifan Zhu
Thomas Spooner
Terence Milligan
Siri Castres
Qianzhi Qi
Oleg Ratnikov
Minji Kim
May Sturgis
Marin Wada
Lu Shi
Jiayu Duan
Jasmine Broadhurst
Holly Topping
Freddy Coomes
Emma Simon
Daniel Williams
Chin-Hao Chen
Anna Dewhirst
Anita Alner
Alina Ispas
Adriano Iuliani

ODYSSEY, BA Fashion Design with Marketing and BA Fashion Menswear

A tripartite succession, inviting our audience to undergo a journey alongside this years Menswear & FDM students as they display their responses to the progression from the omnipresent chaos found in our current reality, to the darkness when faced with Oblivion to finally the tranquility of rebirth. Acting as a metaphor reflecting the need to reassess modern society, this new beginning will allow for an evolution of values, away from the institutional failures and havoc caused by this years pandemic and ultimately transporting us to a place of optimism & hope. 

Text by Tiffany Lee 

Promotional visuals by Polina Boyko and Callum Hansen
Portraits of the BA Fashion Design with Marketing and BA Fashion Menswear designers by Carlos Duro
ODYSSEY Line-up, Adam Farschou
Alex Bagnall
Chenglin. Wu
Dylan Leung
Hamish Small
Hana Noor
Tylar Gardener
Xinyu Chang
Zac Mcgarry
Zixuan Ge
Meiyi Ying
Josh Rogers
Matt Ephringham
Mack Pegram
Maaha Panjwani
Jasmine Nelson.
Joss Rowe
Jung Hyun Lee
Jai Ghattaura
Lewis Payne
Luca Fabry
Jack Lambert
Harry Jenkins
Chenglin. Wu
Cal Carver

VOID , BA Fashion Womenswear

Our world has entered a collective state of liminality, with our lives and creative practices existing in permanent limbo. A void. Thus, becoming what you make of it; a purgatory, a portal, a waiting room. To be here is to be rid of the construct, to challenge fashions long-standing runway delivery by erasing the muse. As part of The White Show, Void will present the work of BA Fashion Womenswear students in an alternate space with no boundaries, isolating the garments as artifacts. 

Text by Yiling Zhao 

VOID Promotional posters by Yiling Zhao, Max Kallio and India Morgan
Albina Zhakan
Alifia Hamid
Antonia Famia
Callum Gardner
Cameron Jukes
Connie Pedder
Dongyi Zhao
Ethan Leyland
Haseeb Hassan
Hyo Park
Ida Immendorff
Izzy Mccormac
Jeongmin Ji
Vanessa Cheung
Sophia French
Sihyum Kim
Saranya Umashanker
Ruby Hamilton
Qianhui Zhao
Ming Lim
Mia Chambers
Mason Newitt
Maria Schulze
Leo Bursey