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Romantic Empowerment with Charlotte Knowles

Photographer Hadassi and stylist Louise Ford deliver their whimsical yet strong interpretation of the CSM graduate.

Thank the lord for Instagram. Without it, stylist Louise Ford and photographer Hadassi might have never discovered the designs of Charlotte Knowles. As soon as they laid eyes on the lingerie-inspired designs of the CSM graduate, the duo knew they wanted to use them for a shoot. “Her looks are clever in the way that she takes a typical antique lingerie idea and reinvents it with modern textures and silhouettes,” Louise told us. “The silicone elements give them this amazingly dark edge.”

Hadassi’s research looked into the transformation of women’s clothing around the turn of the century, with restrictive and conservative clothes becoming more practical and therefore liberating. Inspired by Deborah Turneville and Sally Mann, the collaborative shoot tells a story of becoming. “Our character explores her newfound empowerment in this unknown somewhat whimsical environment relishing the garments that adorn her,” Hadassi said. “Our model Zuzanna, a leading new face at Elite,” Louise added, “fell into character with natural ease and grace. She wouldn’t be out of place on a 1940’s film noir either!”