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Fashion Journalism  –  Jan 2022

A coffee date with Suzy Menkes

Iconic fashion critic Suzy Menkes contemplates her career through the decades with young fashion journalist Rose Dodd

Miscellaneous  –  Jan 2022

How to manage your time when your schedule works against you

Tips and tricks for when you feel overwhelmed and tired

Graduate Shows  –  Jan 2022

Fashion Institute of Technology’s MFA Class of 2021 is Unstoppable

Take a dive into the stories behind the collections of New York City’s latest fashion design graduates

Designers  –  Dec 2021

The truth about the London fashion system

Christopher Shannon is done with it

Opinion  –  Dec 2021

I make fashion (only for skinny girls)

You hate to admit it, but that’s your design ethos

Opinion  –  Apr 2021

The vicious cycle of creative perfectionism

Harmful self-doubt or critical acclaim? Creative perfectionism is a ridge walk between extremes

Miscellaneous  –  Jan 2022

A Love Letter to Iris Van Herpen’s Morphogenesis Dress

Exploring the links between science and art through Iris Van Herpen’s work

Miscellaneous  –  Jan 2022

2022: Less existential stress, more fun

What do fashion creatives hope for the new year?

Miscellaneous  –  Jan 2022

Swimming into Martin Margiela's head

Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel, director of Lafayette Anticipations, on working with Martin Margiela and a 5 minute tour of his solo exhibition in Paris

Miscellaneous  –  Jan 2022

1 Granary Book Club: Fashion biographies and memoirs

Explore the real behind the scenes of fashion making!

Opinion  –  Dec 2021

Fast-fashion shaming and tabi boot tattoos. Is this what fashion school is like?

Four students talk about the pressure of looking cool in fashion school

Designers  –  Jan 2022

How to make a fashion brand that doesn’t sell clothes

Kezako Paris on fake fashion, green labels, and random creativity

Designers  –  Dec 2021

Windowsen: The Chinese brand that chooses simulations over reality

Designer Sensen Lii talks about a world with no genders where everybody wears space-like shoes

Designers  –  Dec 2021

The resurgence of the corset through the work of 9 emerging designers

9 young corset makers prove that since their creation, corsets haven’t ever left fashion

Fashion Image  –  Feb 2021

Lina Scheynius: The photographer that digitised the personal

A pioneer of “raw” photography who never wandered off her own path talks about the journey of sharing her work online

Fashion Image  –  Sep 2020

Clay’s sentimental styling

Fashion Communication student Clay is reinterpreting clothing for the protection and honouring of women

Graduate Shows  –  Oct 2021

The Royal Danish Academy class of 2021 doesn’t really go by fixed rules

Discover the collections and thinking of this year’s fashion class

Graduate Shows  –  Mar 2021

Institut Français de la Mode MA 2021: Show & Full Line-ups

Watch IFM’s first-ever show and meet the class of 2021

Graduate Shows  –  Jul 2021

Isolation was introspective for Antwerp’s class of 2021

The renowned Belgian school presented fantasy worlds, without losing touch with reality

Graduate Shows  –  Sep 2021

The Swedish School of Textiles 2021: Alternative approaches and zero waste solutions

Discover the collections and read the thoughts of the SST Class of 2021

Fashion Image  –  Jul 2021

Harley Weir gets honest about the hustle of fashion

The influential photographer shares her journey as an artist in fashion and highlights the power of saying no

Interviews  –  Jul 2021

How can you find your artistic self? New York-based director and photographer Mayan Toledano answers Peishan Huang's questions

The Maryland student learns that it’s a long process even for her heroes

Designers  –  Mar 2021

AREA: Power to the underdog

The New York-based brand is making its own rules

Opinion  –  Feb 2021

Are we tired of the big cities?

The dream of making it in a fashion capital is bursting as creatives make mental health their priority