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Graduate Shows  –  Apr 2022

London College of Fashion MA 2022: Design beyond clothes

All you need to know about this year’s LCF MA graduates

Graduate Shows  –  Apr 2022

Institut Français de la Mode MA 2022: Crafting Utopia From Uncertainty

See the show and discover this year’s graduating line-ups and sketchbooks

Graduate Shows  –  Feb 2022


Discover this year’s CSM MA Fashion show, line ups, and sketchbooks

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Fashion Institute of Technology’s MFA Class of 2021 is Unstoppable

Take a dive into the stories behind the collections of New York City’s latest fashion design graduates

Graduate Shows  –  Oct 2021

The Royal Danish Academy class of 2021 doesn’t really go by fixed rules

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The Swedish School of Textiles 2021: Alternative approaches and zero waste solutions

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Graduate Shows  –  Jul 2021

Isolation was introspective for Antwerp’s class of 2021

The renowned Belgian school presented fantasy worlds, without losing touch with reality

Graduate Shows  –  Jul 2021

We're all pushing boundaries, but RCA MA FASHION 2021 might actually break them

This year the Royal College of Art Fashion MA offered pathways such as Humanwear, Bio-Wear Activism, and No-wear. What are these students making and why is this the future of fashion?

Graduate Shows  –  Jun 2021

CSM BA FASHION 2021: discover the entire class

Happiness over success: The 106 CSM BA FASHION graduates talk about their inspiration and techniques

Graduate Shows  –  Mar 2021

CSM MA FASHION SHOW 2021: Purpose over hype

Education without structure gave this graduate class the opportunity to think outside of the box

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These CSM MA Fashion graduates prove that fashion is political

Explore the process and sketchbooks of 8 designers from this year’s Central Saint Martins’ MA Fashion course

Graduate Shows  –  Mar 2021

Institut Français de la Mode MA 2021: Show & Full Line-ups

Watch IFM’s first-ever show and meet the class of 2021