Representing the creative future

Interviews  –  Jul 2021

All about styling: Katie Burnett shows styling assistant Nelly Carle the ropes

An assistant and a veteran dissect the profession

Interviews  –  Jul 2021

How can you find your artistic self? New York-based director and photographer Mayan Toledano answers Peishan Huang's questions

The Maryland student learns that it’s a long process even for her heroes

Interviews  –  Jul 2021

Cameron Rogers wants to know how to avoid being creatively overwhelmed and asked the cofounders of Arnar Mār Jōnsson

RCA graduates Arnar Mār Jōnsson and Luke Stevens tell the young model everything he wants to know

Interviews  –  Jul 2021

Artist Rene Matić encourages student Rosa O’Mara to question everything and leave what’s left undefined

The two Brits dissect London pressure and other art world clichés

Interviews  –  Jul 2021

Lina Sun Park learns about the practicalities of art making from her favourite artist Maia Ruth Lee

A conversation on being an artist and raising a family

Interviews  –  Jul 2021

Balancing creativity and commerce with artists Violetta Bogdanova and Matilde Duus

It’s easy to forget that artists need to pay rent too

Interviews  –  Jul 2021

Menswear designer Bianca Saunders and graduate Dylan Mekhi are creating their own paths

Both hoping to pave a way for others to follow in their footsteps

Interviews  –  Jul 2021

“Does the show- and production system limit creation?” fashion student Shykira Teague in conversation with designer Shanel Campbell

The New York-based designers point to the difficulties that come with being a Black female designer in today’s industry

Interviews  –  Jul 2021

Artist Stanislava Pinchuk teaches Queensland graduate Lucy Nguyen-Hunt the importance of slowing down

The two Australia-based artists get to the core of what it means to have a creative practise

Interviews  –  Jul 2021

Gareth Wrighton shared everything about his creative process with student Callum Hansen

The two CSM Fashion Communication graduates discuss how to translate your creativity to a fast-paced industry

Interviews  –  Jun 2021

Musician LA Timpa explores the boundaries of music, sound and image with art student Charlie Osborne

The Nigeria-born, Toronto-raised producer and songwriter dives into his roots and his love for hip-hop