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Lisa Lang teaches us how to talk politics in fashion

The policy expert had us asking about COP27… and caring about the answer

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Masha Reva on experiencing creative success during the war

One week she was working with Harry Styles. The next she was forced to leave her home country as it was invaded by Russia

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When Kanika Agarwal met her mentor Alastair McKimm

Indian, Paris-based designer Kanika Agarwal and the editor-in-chief of i-D Magazine share the story of their creative link

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The world is on fire, but we’re still buying shoes

The self-published book by sustainability consultant Alec Leach is teaching fashion insiders how to recognise their impact

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What is the real price of a fashion career? The story of Shelley Fox

Iconic fashion educator Shelley Fox steps down from her role as the founding director of MFA Fashion Design and Society at Parsons and looks back to her career from the 80s until today

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Matty Bovan: “Don’t try to be something you’re not”

For the International Woolmark Prize winner, celebrating character is the key to success

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The politics of fashion

Professor Angela McRobbie teaches us that policy affects creativity

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Jessica Madavo speaks to Ronan Mckenzie about forging your own career path

Is there a way to have a career in the industry if you do not attend a university or have any connections?

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Keiga Hua Hui wanted to know what Mats Rombaut thinks of digital fashion

The menswear student spoke to the Belgian footwear designer about his eponymous vegan shoewear label

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Sabrina Ciofi speaks to Giulia Parenti about balancing creativity with commerciality

The established art director speaks with fellow-Italian emerging stylist about the fashion industry

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All about styling: Katie Burnett shows styling assistant Nelly Carle the ropes

An assistant and a veteran dissect the profession

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How can you find your artistic self? New York-based director and photographer Mayan Toledano answers Peishan Huang's questions

The Maryland student learns that it’s a long process even for her heroes