Representing the creative future

Designers  –  Apr 2021

Anne Isabella: Starting a brand with a clean conscience

Discover the inner workings behind the Berlin-based emerging label

Designers  –  Mar 2021

Randa Kherba on the beauty of creative freedom

The menswear designer is on her way to becoming a translator of aesthetics

Designers  –  Mar 2021

StrongThe: From getting a Visa to starting a label

Menswear designer Strong Theveethivarak shares the reality of running an independent fashion brand

Designers  –  Mar 2021

WED AW21 explores new visions of occasion wear

Preparing for post-pandemic parties, WED’s latest collection adopts an escapist aesthetic bridging dream and reality

Designers  –  Mar 2021

Sinéad O’Dwyer on tackling the systemic oppression of the female form

The womenswear designer on the importance of utilising body shape in the design process, rather than making clothes that simply fit

Arnar Már Jónsson: “Our aim is to add a human touch to performance wear”

Designers  –  Mar 2021

Arnar Már Jónsson: “Our aim is to add a human touch to performance wear”

The innovative brand is determined to prove that a well-designed piece can increase in value over time

Designers  –  Mar 2021

AREA: Power to the underdog

The New York-based brand is making its own rules

Designers  –  Mar 2021

Laura and Deanna Fanning on navigating the politics of the fashion industry

The creative directors of womenswear at Kiko Kostadinov speak with fashion design student Luma Guarconi Louzada

Designers  –  Mar 2021

Masha Popova on her London Fashion Week debut

The Central Saint Martins graduate shares the realities of doing her first show from home

Designers  –  Feb 2021

HODAKOVA: The suit deconstructor that makes upcycling wearable

Ellen Hodakova Larsson persists on looking at the fun part of fashion

Designers  –  Dec 2020

Chopova Lowena and the reality of owning a brand

Emma Chopova and Laura Lowena sit with their former intern Alexandra Armata and talk frankly about the realities of owning a business

elliss sustainable brand

Designers  –  Sep 2020

ELLISS: Running an emerging sustainable business in 2020

Elliss Solomon talks about making a collection about the outdoors when everyone is indoors, and how it is to run a brand with a strict environmental ethic