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2022: Less existential stress, more fun

What do fashion creatives hope for the new year?

When we asked young fashion students and creatives to share their new year’s resolutions we expected to receive anti-work odes, grand life change manifestations, or some “read-more” wishes. To our surprise, the hopes for a more balanced and stress-free life were spread sporadically between an overwhelming amount of “Create more” declarations. The energy of the need to make, to get paid, to be confident of sharing work online whilst having a good time is so intense that it can’t be ignored. Most of the resolutions have a strict tone, even if the objective they describe is as blithe as to stop caring about what others think. There is a comfort in focusing on work and demanding from yourself to put this work out there for the world to see in the name of progress. It seems like that is what young fashion makers crave the most for 2022; to make things and have fun.


Not to be my worst critic.



Finish my first and second collection!!!



Structure finances, time, and ideas. Prioritize, collaborate, trust my instinct, have fun!!! Less sacrificing of my free time, of me and my mental health. My family and friends are more important.



To actually do it.



More consistency and accepting that failure is part of the process.



Launch a new collection.



Plan my tasks, do extensive research, organise my work.



To not overthink.



Try out modelling



Allow originality to emerge through process-led-practice



Stress less, work more, produce more in less time.



Design a new collection and be more active on Instagram with my work.



Find balance between work and life. Remind myself they are two different things.



Do nothing for free.



Finally drop my EP, have an installation at an art venue, expand.



Stop procrastinating.



Stay true to obtaining knowledge by not knowing what I’m doing.



Do something fun.



Work work work



Stop overthinking my ideas.



Dedicate 90-120 minutes, 6 days a week  on graphic design, writing, coding, etc.



Be more honest to my craft.



Less Instagram, less social pressure.



Get an internship and start working in the fashion industry!



Work on knitting and crochet projects.



Make more.



Keep creating






Less existential stress, more fun.



Less harmful self judgment and more creative courage



Make some.



To start my ceramic line.



Do what I want to and not because I feel pressured by others to do certain things.



To continue creating without thinking that I have to change my creativity for commercial reasons.



Filling sketchbooks like crazy



Be patient.



Make whatever i want and make to get credit for it.



Do more!



Demand to get paid.



Be brave enough to share even if the work is not perfect.



Care less about what teachers say.



Don’t be afraid to promote and showcase my work.



Start smoking again.



To not overcomplicate my designs and get better at tailoring.



Get connections! Get my work in publications!



No sleep, work until I pass out.



Create more, post more work, but don’t create for Instagram.



Stop comparing my work to my peers.



Stop second-guessing myself.