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The hottest CSM BA Fashion Print grads on the block

Although CSM’s Granary Square building is open-plan and intends to promote cross-course collaboration, it’s not often that one follows the creative trajectory of pals on different pathways. Taking the last chance to work with her Fashion Design friends before their final year goodbyes, FCP grad Wendy Huynh photographed the work of Print kids Carmen ChannersPaula Colada, Grace Folcieri, Anne Isabella Rasmussen and Francesco Rogoli. “They’re friends who all worked on great collections,” Wendy muses. “We shot in my flat the day we were moving out all the furniture — hectic — and it was a good way to say goodbye to both college and my flat.” In a quick-fire chat, we found out what Wendy’s all about.

Francesco Rogoli
What is the most valuable thing you gained from your experience at Saint Martins?

Meeting real friends.

 What word encapsulates your feeling about graduating? 


What was the most bizarre experience in your life? 

Gay Halloween party a few years ago in London, surrounded by guys with dildos in their mouths, in thongs, and you had to rub their asses because the hallway was so tiny to get to the smoking area.

If you had to wear only one colour for the rest of your life what would it be? 

All white everything.

Carmen Chan
 How do you describe the relationship between the mind and the body? 

The mind usually gets it right, but the body usually fucks you over.

 What does fashion mean to you?

As simple as an individual wearing some sort of clothes. The best is when they don’t even care about the clothes.

What are your plans for the future?

I would love to assist a photographer or an artist, to keep finding the same energy and creativity there was at school. And I guess, make a bunch of money too.

Who do you dream to work alongside — dead or alive? 


Paula Colada
Francesco Rogoli
Paula Colada
Anne Isabella Rasmussen