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Movies that are underrated sources of fashion inspiration

As suggested by our audience!

Some of you referenced how the wider themes contributed to your work, whilst others the outfits and styling-  either way, yes, you can absolutely call this studying.




Year: 1966

Genre: Drama/mystery

Available on: YouTube/Amazon Prime

Paris is Burning

Year: 1990

Genre: Documentary

Available on: YouTube (free)

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

Year: 2004

Genre: Comedy/Family

Available on: YouTube/Amazon Prime/ Disney +

Nocturnal Animals

Year: 2016

Genre: Drama/thriller

Available on: YouTube/ Amazon Prime

The Doom Generation 

Year: 1995

Genre: Comedy/crime

Available on: YouTube (free)

Do The Right Thing

Year: 1989

Genre: Comedy/drama

Available on: Amazon Prime

Breakfast on Pluto 

Year: 2005

Genre: Drama/comedy

Available on:Youtube (free)

The Young Girls of Rochefort 

Year: 1967

Genre: Musical/comedy

Available on: iTunes/ Amazon Prime

Grey Gardens

Year: 1975

Genre: Documentary

Available on: YouTube (free)

Stranger Than Paradise 

Year: 1984

Genre: Comedy/drama

Available on: Amazon Prime

La Haine

Year: 1995

Genre: Crime/drama

Available on: YouTube (free)


Year: 1999

Genre: Comedy/crime

Available on: Amazon Prime, YouTube

3 Women

Year: 1977

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Full film: Amazon Prime

A Bigger Splash 

Year: 2015

Genre: Drama/music

Available on: Amazon Prime/YouTube


Year: 2009

Genre: Drama/Thriller

Available on: BFI Player/Amazon Prime/Cinobo

The Last Days of Disco

Year: 1998

Genre: Comedy/Drama/Music

Available on: Amazon Prime


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