Representing the creative future

Interviews  –  May 2023

How do you turn your creative talent into a viable career?

D&AD’s Shift night school offers creatives an alternative into the industry

Fashion Image  –  Mar 2023

Philip Clarke: “The job of the stylist is undervalued”

The CSM Fashion Communication BA course leader explains the history of styling and what makes a good image-maker

Central Saint Martins  –  Oct 2020

This is how studying fashion design really looks for the class of 2021

9 Central Saint Martins’ final year fashion design students share how the classes are run, how “blended learning” works, and how much they miss being stressed together..

Fashion Educators  –  Oct 2020

Adam Murray on fashion communication and the importance of looking outside the big capitals

The MA Fashion Image and BA Fashion Communication and Promotion pathway leader at CSM shares his career journey and gives advice to aspiring image-makers

Staff and students from Italy’s fashion schools on dealing with the coronavirus pandemic

Schools  –  Jun 2020

Fashion Schools in Lockdown: Italy

Staff and students from Italy’s fashion schools on dealing with the coronavirus pandemic

Aalto fashion student Janette Laakso working from home

Schools  –  Jun 2020

Fashion Schools in Lockdown: AALTO, Finland

The staff and students at AALTO, Helsinki, have hopes for a more sustainable industry

Demand anti-racist education

Opinion  –  Jun 2020

Demand anti-racist education

We need an education that addresses racism DIRECTLY

Opinion  –  Sep 2018

Equity in Process: Fashion and Accessibility

"We cannot just make room at the table for one and pretend that it is enough to provoke true systemic change."

Fashion Journalism  –  May 2018

Double G Diploma: Gucci launching MA at Polimoda

Are brands the future of fashion education?

Designers To Hire

Sarah Lim: “Clothing is meant to be worn.”

A down-to-earth approach to design ready to embrace an uncertain future.

Opinion  –  Nov 2017

How do we measure the value of fashion education?

A recent statement by Shelley Fox made us question alternative ways of informing young students.