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Jisoo Jang wants to “make the future of the Earth happy” with her graduate collection

In an ode to her vase collection, Jisoo Jang’s graduate collection highlights the art of storytelling with an environmental conscious

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How Alexandra Armata unpicked her Polish heritage with her MA collection

She explored the utilitarian wardrobe of Soviet Poland, the impact of politics on dress and the contrast towards today’s hyperconsumption

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How Yasmina Atta is channeling surrealist African cinema through her graduate collection

The Nigerian designer talks on capturing the feeling of in between-ness that exists when two cultures merge through a single collection that bonds traditional Nigerian doctrines with modern crafting techniques

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Johanna Parv: “Is femininity a form or an action?”

Womenswear graduate Johanna Parv questions the extent to which the shapes from everyday, active situations impose restrictions on the female form

Designers  –  Nov 2020

Michaela Stark addresses fashion’s sizing problem

Take a look at an exclusive shoot for Michaela Stark's latest collection photographed by Carlijin Jacobs and styled by Ai Kamoshita

Designers  –  May 2020

Lutz Huelle: The punk nature of less

The Parisian designer thinks that making fashion simpler is the only rational response to the pandemic

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Rin Choe on the artistry of pattern cutting and deconstructing Korean tradition

Choe fell into the industry unexpectedly, but in doing so, her collection aims to rewrite the traditions of her Korean heritage

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Sofia Mollberg: “We musn’t shame vulnerability”

The Swedish designer is using her graduate collection to discuss the importance of body language and recognising the effects on mental health in the fashion industry

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How Annemarie Saric is making luxury available for all with her MA collection

The Austrian designer mirrored the streamlined shapes of concept cars, inspired by the beacons of future possibility for her graduate collection to highlight the power of the silhouette

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Dahee Kim on abandoning the rulebooks and challenging childhood oppression

The Korean designer explores the isolating group culture and name-calling from her schooling days into a collection that celebrates self-expression and individuality