Representing the creative future

Sydney-based designer Jordan Dalah by Harry Ecroyd

Designers  –  Jul 2020

Jordan Dalah on making fashion, not costume

Valuing craftsmanship over conceptualism and the showroom over the show

Industry  –  Apr 2020

Giacomo Piazza on the end of fashion as we know it

Co-founder of the multi-brand showroom 247 on digitalisation of buying and how to survive as an emerging designer during a pandemic

Business Insiders  –  Oct 2019

The strength found in slowness with Barbara Grispini

The D/ARK showroom founder discusses the importance of good behaviour, why young designers shouldn’t be given too much at once, and why greater importance should be placed on keeping things slow.

Miscellaneous  –  Jul 2017

We are looking for help in the Graduate Showroom!

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