Representing the creative future

Central Saint Martins  –  Mar 2021

A conversation on remote teaching with Charles Jeffrey, Phoebe English and Stephanie Cooper

What are the the unique challenges of remote fashion learning?

Miscellaneous  –  Jan 2021

A love letter to Mariano Fortuny's Delphos Gown

A celebration of the finely pleated Delphos gown and the enigmatic figure behind its creation

Designers To Hire

Julia Ballardt: The poetry of punk

The German designer Julia Ballardt is inspired in her collection by the subculture’s signature emblems of belonging.

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Samantha D’iorio: Why does size matter?

The Australian designer questions the state of body inclusivity in the industry, and focuses on fit and function.

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Daichi Tabata on championing storytelling through design

The Japanese graduate discusses his unusual journey into fashion, translating emotion through design and why we should be repurposing our clothes

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Chi Yu Han and the gender divide in fashion

The New York-based designer thinks carefully about masculine and feminine roles within a given garment.

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London-based knitwear designer Eleana Burrow’s design process based on her instinct

Designing is a response to her own life, so practicality meet emotions, textures, lines and shapes to structure the fluid silhouettes in her knits

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Karen Heshi: “Why must a suit look like a suit?”

The designer reflects on the tension between functionality and identification in her graduate collections.

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Sarah Lim: “Clothing is meant to be worn.”

A down-to-earth approach to design ready to embrace an uncertain future.

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Nico Verhaegen designs an ode to nomadic existence

An unusual parallel is drawn between shamans and bike messengers in Verhaegen’s recent graduate collection.

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Jessica Guzman on machine-knitting careful chaos

Can you manufacture the same garment differently every time? Jessica Guzman’s semi-elasticated knits say yes.