Caffeine-driven sleepless nights and nerve wrecking crits, finishing a fashion degree is hard work. So how come the end is usually celebrated in a boring hall, wearing an unflattering gown, drinking tea with our grannies?

This year, a handful of CSM BA Fashion students decided to change that. Kemal Klempic, Alex Wolfe, Jegor Pister, Sheryn Akiki and Lula Velasco wanted to say goodbye to their time at CSM with the biggest and most extravagant hangover-inducing fashion ball the world has ever seen, all while honouring Comme des Garçons. We thought this was the best idea since avocado on toast, so when the students asked us for help, we were on board faster than you can say Rei Kawakubo. As it’s a collaborative event, all CSM students are welcome to help organise the most ridiculously epic party the school has ever known. We’ll see the rest of you on Thursday 29/06 and remember, NO REI NO PARTY (we’re looking at you MET celebs!), make sure your outfit is CDG-worthy.

Soon, this space will be filled with ruffled-up, rei-tastic students.

The Japanese label has been pushing the boundaries of innovation in the fashion world since its debut catwalk show in Paris 1981. Distorted silhouettes, voluminous ruffles and sculptural structures, Comme des Garçons is a complex harmony of chaos and sophistication. Now with 44 ground-breaking years under their belt, the iconic name is more than just a designer clothing brand. Rei Kawakubo has altered the meaning of fashion, creating a platform for inspiration and pathing the way for unconventional designs.

What’s your favourite CDG look? To help you get ready for the party, our friends Gui Rosa and Harry Henley-Freegard pieced together their personal selection of the boldest and architecturally creative Comme looks, and topped it off with some CDG-poetry.

Every once in a while a little girl Rei craves her fairy tale ending. It seems like she got her happily ever after. When all the glamour leads to the slammer.The past is always with us, just waiting to mess with the future. Traditional lace meets a new silhouette. What’s it going to be? Business affair or cocktails and coquettes? Nothing explodes without a fuse. Wonder who lit hers.
‘Rah rah sis boom bah. Rei’s pulled a coup d’etat’ – drawing inspiration from the French revolution. ‘The one night of the year that’s socially acceptable to play dress up (lol)’How to succeed in witchcraft – girls wear their costumes for so long they can’t even remember who they were before they put them on.Rei’s hardly a war buff but she’s got a cannonball coming your way.Appearances can be deceiving. But whatever you wear, always dress to kill.

Introduction by Sophie Swietochowsky
Image selection and captions by Gui Rosa and Harry Henley-Freegard