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TEAMING UP IN TOUGH TIMES: CSM Fine Art and Fashion Class of 2015

When Central School of Art and Design, Saint Martin’s School of Art, Drama Centre London and Byam Shaw came together under one roof at 1 Granary Square in 2011, it seemed to be a promising start of a new unity in creativity. There would be a drama department, fine art, graphics, fashion, MA’s and PhD’s, foundation years and portfolio preparations. In short: a dream for cross pollination of disciplines. However, due to an electronic door system that prevents one from entering other studios when you don’t have the right card, you hardly have the chance to access different pathways’ places without feeling like some kind of delinquent — i.e. walking through propped open doors. Luckily, most students inventively find their ways around this matter. That said, it doesn’t take away the curiosity many students may feel about the cultures of other courses.

When we got talking with a handful of Fine Art and Culture Criticism and Curation students who were working on a project with Shia LaBeouf, Nastja Rönkkö and Luke Turner a few weeks ago, we started to think about how to best team up Fine Art and Fashion. So, hoping to act a little bit as a catalyst for collaboration between pathways, we shot the collections of 15 Fashion Design graduates alongside the art pieces of Fine Art graduates. Many looks were pulled straight off the press show’s runway, on the last day of Degree Show One’s exhibition. The art works would be deconstructed and wrapped up the following day; it was a one-shot-only moment.

But, instead of coupling up just before graduating, what we would like to see more of are many projects between Fashion and Fine Art in the years to come. We’re certain that conversation and longstanding relationships between pathways will prove fruitful for culture at large; and we can speak from experience, as 1 Granary came to life as we began to collaborate with departments outside the fashion studios. So, let’s keep propping open those studio doors of other pathways…

Art Director: Olya Kuryshchuk

Make up: Marina Keri using MAC Cosmetics

Models: Saadi Schimmel @The Hive Management // Greg France @Tomorrow Is Another Day


This photoshoot first premiered on Dazed Digital

Art by Maia Gaffney-Hyde // Fashion by James Mitchell
Art by Maia Gaffney-Hyde // Fashion by James Mitchell
Art by Alexis Marie Sera // Fashion by Gabriele Skucas
Art by Mark Corfield-Moore // Fashion by Milligan Beaumont
Art by Jack Evans // Fashion by Mimi Wade
Art by Salomé Partouche // Fashion by Mimi Wade
Art by Amy Zhang // Fashion by Rozalina Burkova
Art by Amy Zhang // Fashion by Rozalina Burkova
Art by Kien Vu // Fashion by Louis Pileggi
Fashion by Louis Pileggi
Art by Paz Perlman (in the front) and Abbi Jones (in the background)// Fashion by Tingzhi Liu
Art by Hugo Cantegrel // Fashion by Wataru Tominaga
Art by Sif Thy Nørskov // Fashion by Stefan Cooke
Art by Joshua Parker // Fashion by Qiying Fang
Art by Charlotte Sutton // Fashion by Pierre Campo
Art by Hugo Cantegrel // Fashion by Martin Hanly
Art by Hugo Cantegrel + Kien Vu // Fashion by Jihoon Shim
Art by Hugo Cantegrel + Kien Vu // Fashion by Jihoon Shim
Art by Mark Corfield-Moore // Fashion by Gabriel Castro
Art by Paz Perlman (wooden structure) + Alexis Marie Sera // Fashion by Lee Bodkin

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