11 Jul 2019

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Priska Morger, Institute of Fashion Design Basel

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Fashion Educators

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Fashion Educators

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23 Feb 2016

Graduate Shows

Central Saint Martins MA Fashion 2016


The Fashion Graduate Diploma: Misora Nakamori

25th June

On the first floor of the Central Saint Martins building, in between ceramic design and Fashion Communication and Promotion, you can now find the work of those who have studied the one-year Graduate Diploma in Fashion degree. One of the students of this course is Misora Nakamori, whose final collection focuses on the dark side of a relationship between lovers, fuelled by manipulation and obsession. Find out more about the secret life of the character Misora created…


Can you point out one good and one bad memory of this year spent at CSM? 

It was always good. I loved to work with my classmates until late at night; we’ve been kicked out of the studio so many times! We were like a family and we shared so many things.

What was the main inspiration for your collection?

My collection tells the story of a mistress who is obsessively controlled by her lover; who lives with inner frustrations and is not allowed to tell what she really wants. However, she can’t get out of her role, she’s addicted to this manipulation. I believe everyone has some obsessions that we cohabit, and that we can’t control. It’s a pretty dramatic and subtle story: my character lives a life which is actually fake, and all her emotions and even her existence is being faded and hidden.

Did your vision or way of working change in the past year?

I’d say more the way of working: at Central Saint Martins they value the process of reaching the outcome more, compared to what the final work looks like, so I started to keep track of all my steps in my work book. This helped me to improve the collection because I could always look back and see how I got to certain stages, time after time — either when you are stuck or for getting a better understanding of your own work.

What makes your work standout? 

I think it’s about the playful combination of different materials, the natural draping and the graphical image of the aluminium structures.

What’s your favourite part of the designing process? 

I love to build up stories, as well as that moment when the 2D work becomes 3D and starts to make sense.

Opening times of the Degree Show Two

Wednesday to Friday: 12 noon – 8pm
Saturday to Sunday: 12 noon – 6pm
(last entry 30 mins before closing time)
Product, Ceramic & Industrial Design (BA Ceramic Design, BA Product Design, MA Design: Ceramics, Furniture or Jewellery, MA Industrial Design)
Culture and Enterprise (BA Criticism, Communication and Curation, MA Innovation Management)
Drama and Performance (BA Performance Design & Practice, MA Character Animation)
Fashion (BA Fashion, Graduate Diploma in Fashion)
Graphic Communication Design (BA Graphic Design, MA Communication Design)
Spatial Practices (BA Architecture, MA Architecture, MA Narrative Environments)
Jewellery and Textiles (BA Jewellery Design, BA Textile Design, MA Material Futures)

Words and photography Carolina Molossi