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The Fashion Graduate Diplomas: Nuri Oh

The Private View of the Central Saint Martins Degree Show 2 will take place tonight! While the Class of 2015 puts the final touches to their projects — which will soon be investigated and celebrated by friends, industry professionals and press — we look into the work of Nuri Oh, a student who has just finished her Graduate Diploma in Fashion degree. In her final pieces, Nuri explored the feeling of being treated like an object, and translated this into garments in which the body is sculpted in an almost claustrophobically isolating way.

Can you point out one good and one bad memory of this year spent at Central Saint Martins? 

A good memory of studying at CSM is the surprise party we did for David Kappo’s birthday at school. It reminded me that I am glad to study, and to share happy moments with my classmates who always inspire me because of their different ways of thinking. One of my bad memories is losing my purse after lunch at school. For international students, being moneyless is probably the worst situation. Fortunately, after 2 weeks, someone as nice as an angel brought my red purse to the reception. I still don’t know who it was.

What was the main inspiration for your collection?

Whenever I get the feeling of being treated like a product or an object, in my society, I feel a sense of humiliation and loneliness. In Korean, the atmosphere of society forces women to follow a set of rules which makes me feel like being inside a vacuum packed bag. This feeling inspired my final collection.

Did your vision and way of working change in the past year?

Definitely. Before, I was just focused on making commercial outfits.

What makes your work stand out? 

The creepy doll which looks like a human-being makes people wonder why I made it.

What’s your favourite part of the designing process?

I enjoy art as a designer through making sculptures of the human body. At the same time, I was afraid of going through trial and error in terms of exploring the skill of sculpture, which I had never tried before, especially in such a short time.

The CSM Degree Show 2 Opening Times:
Wednesday to Friday: 12 noon – 8pm
Saturday to Sunday: 12 noon – 6pm
(last entry 30 mins before closing time)
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