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How to:
Apply to the Global Graduate Showcase, launched by ARTSTHREAD and i-D

An open-disciplinary initiative which showcases the work of students from all over the world

For any art student, the final showcase at the end of the year is considered as the highlight of their educational journey. It is the time that they can finally show to their parents the reason behind their strange behaviour for the last 3 years, such as why they asked them to collect their garbage for 8 months (to make a sculpture that questions the notion of sustainability and consumption). Since for the class of 2020 a final show is not an option anymore, a lot of platforms felt the responsibility to step up and create spaces that will showcase the students’ work for the world and the industry to see. Digital spaces and initiatives that have increasingly started showcasing the work of young graduates in the name of support make us question: Isn’t this a more democratic way of graduating, with possible future employers having access to talent from universities and colleges outside of the big capitals and established universities?

i-D is partnering with ARTSTHREAD to launch the Global Design Graduate Show 2020. The initiative is open to 2019-20 students that are graduating from any art and design discipline on a BA or MA level. All the students have to do is submit their final work and creative process portfolios. A panel of industry experts such as Alastair McKim, Andrew Keith, Manuela Brini, Heron Preston, and many more will assess the work and choose the creatives that will exhibit their work on a dedicated section of the ARTSTHREAD website.

The deadline is July 31st, 2020. You can read more and apply here