Representing the creative future

Royal College of Art  –  Jan 2018

Grand Theft Artist, Per Hansson

The RCA grad talks heavy metal, cowboys and Lamborghinis.

Royal College of Art  –  Oct 2017

RCA grad Richard Szuman proposes a new take on sustainability

The recent graduate spoke about his struggles on the MA, the inspiration behind his final collection, and showing at Helsinki Fashion Week.

Royal College of Art  –  Sep 2017

RCA grad Yvonne Lin loves oppositions

Her graduate collection, Vulnus Cura, looks closely at brokenness as a process of mending

Royal College of Art  –  Aug 2017

RCA grad Arnar Mar Jonsson brings Icelandic sensibility to the streets of London

For the young designer, form always follows function.

Royal College of Art  –  Aug 2017

RCA grad Kira Goodey on mastering the art of spontaneity

From London to Tokyo and back, this designer had no limits when it came to finding inspiration for her three-dimensional designs.

Royal College of Art  –  Aug 2017

The transformative designs of RCA grad Camilla Damkjaer

Lime greens and lemon yellows – Camilla talks about her colourful approach to design.

Royal College of Art  –  Jul 2017

Work In Progress: Rhiannon Wakefield

Meet the RCA graduate who developed a fabric that moves with its wearer.