Representing the creative future

Royal College of Art  –  Apr 2017

Tuğcan Dökmen: from Spice Girls to Turkish Men in Polo shirts

The CSM and RCA graduate's take on having a sustainable label in today’s fast-paced industry.

Royal College of Art  –  Mar 2017

Celia Pym is mending the human heart through knit

The Loewe prize finalist is teaching the world to think through objects.

Royal College of Art  –  Jan 2017

How do we perceive art that's made by machines?

Current Royal College of Art fine art student Cara Mills on her first solo exhibition: "Machine: Part A, Part B, Part C & So on"

Royal College of Art  –  Nov 2016

Fernanda Cortés: Objects as a prosthesis for the soul

“We can never avoid our history, our culture. It is a phantom or a shadow that follows you wherever you go.”