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Fashion Image  –  May 2022

Are photographic prizes worth it?

We went to the Palm* Photo Prize and we think they do

Fashion Image  –  May 2022

Liz Collins and Penny Martin talk fashion photography

An intimate chat about Liz Collins' journey and what makes a good fashion image at the Sarabande Foundation

Fashion Image  –  Feb 2022

Ben Ditto on hacking, NFTs and the future of image

An unfiltered conversation about internet ethics, taste, and making art online

Fashion Image  –  Feb 2022

Newformat: The studio that pushes fashion image into the future

Harnessing the latest digital technologies to create the future of the fashion experience

Fashion Image  –  Jan 2022

Adam Middleton: An interview with one of the concept designers of Dune

What does a concept designer do and what is it like to work on leading productions?

Fashion Image  –  Dec 2021

Ryan Chappell: What does a movement director do?

The sought-after movement director explains the basis of his profession

Fashion Image  –  Nov 2021

Central Saint Martins MA Fashion Image 2021: Meet this year’s graduates

Discover the pertinent work of the students who aspire to shape the future of fashion image

Fashion Image  –  Oct 2021

Being persistent and creating connections in a time of hustle

A conversation with artist and editor, Georgina Johnson, on the reprint of “The Slow Grind" and the benefits of rethinking our perceptions of time

Fashion Image  –  Oct 2021

Kiko Kostadinov, Laura and Deanna Fanning, Haley Wollens, and Eric Mack on their work-in-progress

The designers, stylist, and artist speak about their collaboration for an upcoming book

Fashion Image  –  Oct 2021

Ib Kamara, Gareth Wrighton, and Lynette Nylander on the making of Dazed's 30th-anniversary issue

Dazed’s new leading team talks about the making of the iconic Rihanna cover shoot and the importance of pushing towards a new direction

Fashion Image  –  Sep 2021

Surviving fashion as an introvert. Ellie Grace Cumming did it her own way

The "In Dust" collaborator Ellie Grace Cumming about the importance of building a network

Fashion Image  –  Sep 2021

Françoise Élie on starting an emerging designers boutique in Montreal

What is the reality of opening a window for emerging talent outside the big fashion capitals?