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Fashion Image  –  Sep 2022

The Stressed Stylist on memes and the ugly truth of fashion styling

We spoke anonymously with the creator of the viral fashion meme account and talked about the most problematic parts of the industry

Fashion Image  –  Aug 2022

Isabella Brunner: Vogue’s Visuals Editor on putting mental health above your career

can it be beneficial for a fashion professional to prioritise their personal wellbeing or will it always feel like a sacrifice?

Fashion Image  –  Jun 2022

Mokoro: An exhibition of sanctuary, creativity, and sisterhood

Kristin-Lee Moolman, Louise Ford and Sophie Strobele discuss their new exhibition, MOKORO, a multimedia project documenting the work and sisterhood of Kenya’s Warembo Wasanii

Fashion Image  –  Jun 2022

"To be heard and to be held": Stephanie Francis-Shanahan on her new publication

Can an artist survive from their art and why do we need communities to navigate reality?

Fashion Image  –  May 2022

Central Saint Martins BA Fashion Communication 2022: Get to Know the Graduates

As degree show celebrations begin, we speak to the next generation amplifying fashion’s voice

Fashion Image  –  May 2022

Are photographic prizes worth it?

We went to the Palm* Photo Prize and we think they do

Fashion Image  –  May 2022

Liz Collins and Penny Martin talk fashion photography

An intimate chat about Liz Collins' journey and what makes a good fashion image at the Sarabande Foundation

Fashion Image  –  Feb 2022

Ben Ditto on hacking, NFTs and the future of image

An unfiltered conversation about internet ethics, taste, and making art online

Fashion Image  –  Feb 2022

Newformat: The studio that pushes fashion image into the future

Harnessing the latest digital technologies to create the future of the fashion experience

Fashion Image  –  Jan 2022

Adam Middleton: An interview with one of the concept designers of Dune

What does a concept designer do and what is it like to work on leading productions?

Fashion Image  –  Dec 2021

Ryan Chappell: What does a movement director do?

The sought-after movement director explains the basis of his profession

Fashion Image  –  Nov 2021

Central Saint Martins MA Fashion Image 2021: Meet this year’s graduates

Discover the pertinent work of the students who aspire to shape the future of fashion image