Representing the creative future

Fashion Image  –  Oct 2021

Being persistent and creating connections in a time of hustle

A conversation with artist and editor, Georgina Johnson, on the reprint of “The Slow Grind" and the benefits of rethinking our perceptions of time

Fashion Image  –  Oct 2021

Kiko Kostadinov, Laura and Deanna Fanning, Haley Wollens, and Eric Mack on their work-in-progress

The designers, stylist, and artist speak about their collaboration for an upcoming book

Fashion Image  –  Oct 2021

Ib Kamara, Gareth Wrighton, and Lynette Nylander on the making of Dazed's 30th-anniversary issue

Dazed’s new leading team talks about the making of the iconic Rihanna cover shoot and the importance of pushing towards a new direction

Fashion Image  –  Sep 2021

Surviving fashion as an introvert. Ellie Grace Cumming did it her own way

The "In Dust" collaborator Ellie Grace Cumming about the importance of building a network

Fashion Image  –  Sep 2021

Françoise Élie on starting an emerging designers boutique in Montreal

What is the reality of opening a window for emerging talent outside the big fashion capitals?

Fashion Image  –  Sep 2021

Circus Magazine: Jackson Bowley’s chaotic new publication

Featuring the work of twenty creatives working across photography, beauty, hair, makeup, nail art, and set design

Fashion Image  –  Sep 2021

How does street casting work? 'Good Catch' director Sarah Small shares her process

Founding her agency straight out of university, the CSM Fashion Communication and Promotion graduate explains the joy of street casting

Fashion Image  –  Jul 2021

Harley Weir gets honest about the hustle of fashion

The influential photographer shares her journey as an artist in fashion and highlights the power of saying no

Fashion Image  –  Jul 2021

Set designer Ibby Njoya reminds us that nobody can succeed alone

How do set designers make the impossible possible? Starting with his latest project, BREATHE, we asked Ibby Njoya about his process

Fashion Image  –  Jul 2021

Francesca Burns on free labour, fashion's sizing problem, and staying vocal

The stylist and fashion editor proves that image-makers can change the industry by speaking up

Fashion Image  –  Jun 2021

Katie Burnett on multidisciplinarity and her new book “Cabin Fever”

The established stylist experimented with photography during lockdown and proves that creatives should never stop trying new things

Fashion Image  –  May 2021

Diving into AnOther Magazine’s archives!

Young fashion creatives select their favourite AnOther magazine editorials