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Miscellaneous  –  Dec 2021

Emerging Brands Shopping Guide: Holiday Edition

Our hand-picked selection of independent and emerging brands to support this holiday season

Miscellaneous  –  Dec 2021

I used to work in fashion but… now I’m training to be a professional fighter

Nele Ruckelshausen agrees: navigating fashion as a creative is more painful than being punched in the face

Miscellaneous  –  Dec 2021

I used to work in fashion but…now I'm a hospital director

After having fulfilled his dream, Eduardo Costa returned to Brazil and became a hospital director

Miscellaneous  –  Nov 2021

Intellectual Property 101

Somebody has copied my work, what can I do about it?

Miscellaneous  –  Nov 2021

Do fashion schools prioritise money over talent?

Christopher Paul got accepted to the fashion program of his dreams but soon realised that the system is not as diverse as it was advertised

Miscellaneous  –  Oct 2021


We attended a panel talk with Jeii Hong, Nicole Le Surf, and Pip Jamieson at the Alexander McQueen Sarabande Foundation last week and this is what we learned;

Miscellaneous  –  Oct 2021

A London guide for new Fashion Students

Are you new to London? From button shops to dance floors, we got you covered!

Miscellaneous  –  Sep 2021

Emerging brands guide: Autumn edition

A selection of independent brands to support this autumn

Miscellaneous  –  Sep 2021

A long list of advice for 1st year fashion students!

We asked former 1st year students for their best tips for this year’s fashion newcomers!

Miscellaneous  –  Sep 2021

A list of fictional characters for fashion inspiration

Our readers share their favourite fictional characters to take fashion inspiration from!

Miscellaneous  –  Jul 2021

Vogue individualist Patterns: Should you start collecting?

What is the story behind the Vogue individualist patterns and why are they in high demand again?