Representing the creative future

Miscellaneous  –  May 2022

10 fashion academic terms you hear all the time, explained

A cheat sheet to sounding really intellectual (and becoming a little wiser in the process)

Miscellaneous  –  May 2022

So what does it mean to be a muse in 2022?

Looking into the notion of the muse and its meaning in fashion design today

Miscellaneous  –  May 2022

When in Paris: Visit the Tripolar pop-up, showcasing Ukrainian Art

Ukrainian artists and designers showcase their work in Paris until the 17th of May

Miscellaneous  –  May 2022

Catching up with Fashion Revolution

Tamsin Blanchard and Ruth MacGilp talk online activism, learning by doing, and the importance of regular disco parties

Miscellaneous  –  Apr 2022

Going Under: Everything you need to know about running a successful business

Fashion business insiders Zach Duane and Gautam Rajani share their words of wisdom on keeping a small business afloat, at the Sarabande Foundation

Miscellaneous  –  Apr 2022

Bringing Ukraine’s next generation of fashion talent to the world stage

Rainbowwave x Public Kitchen: The two communications agencies partner to support five up-and-coming Ukrainian designers

Miscellaneous  –  Mar 2022

Flourish In Diversity: The training programme that opens up the room

Discover the paid training programme for school leavers from minority ethnic backgrounds

Miscellaneous  –  Feb 2022

Collaborating with brands: Everything you need to know

Expert information about the artist, the brand, and the commission

Miscellaneous  –  Feb 2022

Women’s figure skating subtle fashion moments

Who doesn’t love some figure skating fashion?

Miscellaneous  –  Feb 2022

Why are fashion creatives so into ceramics lately?

Clay has become an antidote to the onslaught of modern-day tech. But why are fashion creatives turning to the world of ceramics?

Miscellaneous  –  Jan 2022

How to manage your time when your schedule works against you

Tips and tricks for when you feel overwhelmed and tired

Miscellaneous  –  Jan 2022

A Love Letter to Iris Van Herpen’s Morphogenesis Dress

Exploring the links between science and art through Iris Van Herpen’s work