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Opinion  –  Oct 2021

Is Brexit already sabotaging fashion students’ careers?

What is the effect of Brexit on fashion education and what can universities do to help students?

Opinion  –  Oct 2021

Do I need a fashion degree to work in fashion?

Are disruptive design careers an exception from the rule?

Opinion  –  Sep 2021

Do I have to dress up to go to Fashion School?

Amidst lectures, crits, and carving out a place for yourself in the industry, is what you wear an essential part of studying fashion?

Opinion  –  Sep 2021

Ed Timberlake on trademark and copyright in fashion

We spoke to the trademark and copyright lawyer about originality and authenticity in fashion

Opinion  –  Sep 2021

The Cheugy Curse: Is fashion lost in the contradiction between sustainability and coolness?

Exploring the industry’s fear of “basic” as one of the biggest driving factors behind fast fashion

Opinion  –  Sep 2021

I used to work in fashion but… now I’m a pleasure coach

Mariska Lowri talks on their shift from working in fashion to becoming a pleasure coach

Opinion  –  Sep 2021

I will do it tomorrow! The struggle with procrastination

The lines between procrastination and taking a break

Opinion  –  Jul 2021

“My tutor doesn’t even know what a dankmeme is!” On age and experience in fashion education

1 Granary speaks to students, tutors and specialists, and asks them: do teachers get better with age?

Opinion  –  Jun 2021

Will quitting social media destroy my creative career?

Is going offline the ultimate dilemma between good mental health and a successful creative career?

Opinion  –  Jun 2021

The Guilt of sleeping: Workism, Burnout and Hustle Porn

The link between sleep and failure impacts fashion students and professionals across the industry. Why are we made to feel this way, and what can we do about it?

Opinion  –  May 2021

Long Read: Blackphishing, white lies

What does it really mean to be Black online?