Representing the creative future

Opinion  –  Apr 2021

Are YouTube and Tik Tok DIY tutorials normalising dupes to the detriment of emerging brands?

Despite the positive aspects to the growing DIY scene, are the lines between imitation and inspiration too blurred?

Opinion  –  Apr 2021

Antiviral fabrics, cottagecore, and the return of the apron

How are fashion brands adapting to the demand for protection and what do students make out of it?

Opinion  –  Apr 2021

The vicious cycle of creative perfectionism

Harmful self-doubt or critical acclaim? Creative perfectionism is a ridge walk between extremes

Opinion  –  Mar 2021

Trained for unemployment

Universities emphasise cultural capital, while companies value profit first. Is it time education talks about money?

Opinion  –  Feb 2021

Are we tired of the big cities?

The dream of making it in a fashion capital is bursting as creatives make mental health their priority

Opinion  –  Jan 2021

What is the history of the fashion meme?

Exploring the origins and progress of memes in fashion

Opinion  –  Jan 2021

Can you really study fashion online?

Our survey indicated that students' learning experience and wellbeing are suffering.

Opinion  –  Jan 2021

Fashion & health: What is knitter’s back and how can you navigate the pain?

The pain behind knitwear and its effects on students’ career planning

Opinion  –  Jan 2021

Fashioning Death: Victorian Mourning Dress

How did black become the colour of death and what is the history behind mourning wear?

1 Granary x Pinterest: Designers to hire 2020

Opinion  –  Nov 2020


The exclusive partnership gives 2020 fashion graduates the power to network, present and sell their work.


Opinion  –  Sep 2020

Thoughts on Fashion and Ego with MCQ

The new Alexander McQueen label rewrites fashion hierarchies by focussing on creative collaboration

are you too old to make it in fashion?

Opinion  –  Sep 2020

Are you too old to make it in fashion?

As fashion graduates have to live up to unfeasible career paths, established designers face ageism in an industry infatuated with youth