Representing the creative future

Opinion  –  Jun 2022

How can we create a better future for Ukrainian creative talent?

We speak to Ukrainian stylist and creative director Julie Pelipas about why businesses need to not only help but hire Ukrainian creatives

Opinion  –  Jun 2022

Instagram’s prudeness is ruining my art

Social media reinforces oppressive conformity and censors creative self-expression

Opinion  –  May 2022

Is fashion education really trying to decolonise itself?

Fashion students and Academics open up about the act of decolonising in a system built on race, class and privilege

Opinion  –  Apr 2022

Looking into the political significance of the hijab

Muslim students protest for their religious rights in response to the hijab ban in Indian schools. Why is the hijab more than a piece of fabric?

Opinion  –  Apr 2022

Fashion school: Empty bank accounts and a taste of luxury

Fashion students open up about how the pressure to dress a certain way in art school affects their wallet

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The toxic relationship between your impostor syndrome and your creativity

What is the impostor syndrome and how can creatives fight it?

Opinion  –  Mar 2022

A guide through the e-commerce maze for emerging designers

Understanding online shopping for fashion in 2022

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Do your parents hate your creative career too?

If your family looks down on your professional choices, you are not alone

Opinion  –  Feb 2022

Resisting the neoliberal utopia that is fashion

A conversation with Sophie Fellay on how practices of care can make fashion a better place

Opinion  –  Feb 2022

The existential anguish of designing sustainably

How one BA fashion workshop revealed a missing link in sustainability education

Opinion  –  Dec 2021

I make fashion (only for skinny girls)

You hate to admit it, but that’s your design ethos

Opinion  –  Dec 2021

Fast-fashion shaming and tabi boot tattoos. Is this what fashion school is like?

Four students talk about the pressure of looking cool in fashion school