@skipdin’s Fashion Week Survival Guide

An exclusive glimpse inside the award-wanting fashion satirist’s debut print publication

10 Feb 2020


Roger Tredre: The Great Fashion Designers

Who made the cut and why?

Studio sounds: Goom Heo

Korean designer Goom Heo shares her studio playlist in advance of her AW20 Fashion East debut

Ice Ice Baby Spice: 3D fashion gets a meme-worthy makeover

Digital fashion filmmaker Agusta Yr on Iceland, Internet culture and her new collaboration with No Agency New York and 1 Granary Showroom

04 Feb 2020


Ellen Hodakova Larsson: Deconstruct, reconstruct, repeat

As established brands struggle to become sustainable, could collaborating with upcycling designers like Ellen Hodakova Larsson offer a solution?

27 Jan 2020


Why are we burning out?

Students are increasingly stressed, anxious, and afraid to fail. What does that mean for our creative future?

22 Jan 2020


“Fashion is a tool for hope”

In 2018, Moscow-based designer Tigran Avetisyan took six months out to reset and refresh. Since then, he’s swapped trends and negativity for timelessness and wonder.

21 Jan 2020


Kim Sion: Behind the curtain, drawing the strings of the industry

After 30 years, the founder of Smile Management has a relatively low profile, but her clients' are stratospheric

Arnar Már Jónsson and Luke Stevens: Getting better every day

The designer duo are swapping seasonality and newness for continuity and refinement

‘She’s a fashion journalist, what does she know?’

The New York Times journalist Elizabeth Paton makes a compelling case for critical fashion journalism in the era of Fake News and fast fashion

15 Jan 2020

IndustryHow to

Graeme Raeburn: “Nothing you make is ever completely sustainable”

Christopher Raeburn’s performance director (and brother) shares his guide to building a brand based on prosperity

14 Jan 2020


Hyping isn't Helping

The promotional potential of designer support systems has created a warped idea of what a healthy career looks like.