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Ask 1 Granary: A Christmas advice column!

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It’s only November, but we’re already looking back on the past year. Some of our favourite moments are without a doubt the interactions we had with our audience – when you guys openly shared your thoughts, feelings, and problems, and then gave each other advice in the comment section.

Because of our unique position within the industry, 1 Granary has always been a place where the taboo could be tackled, where topics like mental health, money, insecurity, or failure were discussed openly. This didn’t only happen in our comment section. We would often get private messages and emails with personal stories or questions, people reacting to something we posted or spontaneously sharing what they were going through. These messages nourished our content, but it always felt like a shame that we couldn’t do more – both for those who wrote to us and for those who might have similar problems and were too shy to write.

This is why we decided to launch a mini-advice column for Christmas! To fully take advantage of the wholesome holiday spirit, we will count down to the next year while learning from each other.

Do you have a creative study- or career problem you need help with? And is your roommate/grandma/cat tired of hearing you whine about it? Then write to us! We will be tapping into our wide network of specialists and experts to find solutions to your most urgent and anxiety-inducing problems.

Here’s a little example of what your question could look like:

“Hello, 1 Granary! I don’t know how to turn my dream internship into a paid job, please help! I have been a design intern at a mid-scale London-based brand for over a year now and having the time of my life, but I want to be paid for my work. I graduated two years ago and did a free internship at a bigger company before finding this one. My parents are happy to support me, but I hate it. I love going to work every morning and I know I’m a valuable asset to the team, but I’m just so scared to lose this dream position if I speak up. How can I ask for money in a way that says “but please don’t fire me I love it here”?”

and another one:

“Hello 1 Granary! I’m a second year BA student at LCF. I love coming into school and spending time in the studio, however, anytime I need to present my work to a tutor I freak out! I can’t sleep for days and I’m so exhausted by the time I present that I can’t remember half my words. Is it necessary to learn to talk about my work if I want a career in fashion? And if so, how do I get over my stage fright?”


Shoot us a message at and we’ll try to help you. Deadline: Wednesday 30.11