Representing the creative future

Got great talent? 1 Granary is looking for new contributors!

Writers, stylists, art critics, party organisers, photographers, and filmmakers: we are looking for you to join the 1 Granary family and work on a wide range of projects with us! Do you have the Midas touch? Here’s a quick self-test. If you think you’re a right fit, please don’t hesitate to write to us on
1) You are passionate about what you do

We are looking for people with a real drive and a good pair of brains and balls to get from point A to Z, however inventive.

2) You are super sonic quick

Not necessarily with typing, but ideally you’re a dynamic communicator who will be ready (and very excited) to run to interviews or guerrilla-style photoshoots if we call you the night before, and deliver work within deadlines.

3) You are Ambitious

We look for people who genuinely believe in their capacities, are determined to build a career in fashion and/or art, and want to grow within the team.

4) You want to learn and grow every day

Within 1 Granary, you can take on as many responsibilities as you like, beyond what you already specialise in. Are you a fashion designer who wants to write? A journalist who wants to get work experience in fashion PR, or a graphic designer wanting to experiment with video? If you want to challenge yourself every single day and gain lots of knowledge, look no further.

5) You love having drinks

Rumour has it that creatives like having a blast…

Disclaimer: We particularly like working with nice people, who:

– have a good team spirit;

– are respectful towards other creatives;

– are willing to share work and teach their peers;

– are prepared that other students will be reviewing, editing and criticising their work.

(We are especially welcoming people who criticise 1 Granary, who think that everything is done wrong, and would like to change the whole platform completely. Join us, help us, and make the platform better.)

P.S. As we’re keen to offer a platform to the best young talent worldwide and learn from them, we are now opening our borders: we are looking for contributors from Antwerp’s Fashion Department, Royal College of Art London, Parsons New York and Bunka Tokyo to enrich the conversation we originally started at Central Saint Martins! Spread the love. ❤️