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Overlooked fashion icon: Albert Einstein

The most iconic outfits of the should-be menswear fashion muse that is Albert Einstein

What would fashion look like if we replaced all its muses with a much less glamorous version of fashion wearers? One thing is for sure; it would be more attainable and comfortable. In the search of a relatable fashion idol, we discovered an underappreciated style-setter, the man who famously “never changed his clothes” or in other words, the king of working from home fashion: Albert Einstein.

His normcore wardrobe, mainly consisting of knitwear, bad fitting trousers, and crazy footwear, makes us think that if he was born at the right time, Einstein could easily be a Stefan Cooke muse- a symbol of “menswear with a twist”. As an ode to his style, we decided to list our favourite Albert Einstein looks;

Fun fact: Albert was never wearing socks to avoid having holes- hence he is usually fashioning sandals
The most collectible item in Albert Einstein's collection was this Levi's leather jacket which he was wearing everyday. The jacket is one of the most famous pieces in Levi's history.
Name a better loungewear outfit
Phoebe Philo? Is this you?
"Albert Einstein's cottagecore coloured trims cardigan" is currently trending on Depop
Phoebe Philo is fully exposed at this point....
Always chic, under any weather
The inspiration of Stefan Cooke's next collection. You heard it here first.

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