Representing the creative future

Graduate Shows  –  Jul 2021

Isolation was introspective for Antwerp’s class of 2021

The renowned Belgian school presented fantasy worlds, without losing touch with reality

Fashion Image  –  Jul 2021

Set designer Ibby Njoya reminds us that nobody can succeed alone

How do set designers make the impossible possible? Starting with his latest project, BREATHE, we asked Ibby Njoya about his process

Fashion Educators  –  Jul 2021

Does sustainable business exist? We asked Andrée-Anne Lemieux

The head of the IFM-Kering sustainability chair explained why we need a holistic approach to change

Fashion Image  –  Jul 2021

Francesca Burns on free labour, fashion's sizing problem, and staying vocal

The stylist and fashion editor proves that image-makers can change the industry by speaking up

Opinion  –  Jan 2021

What is the history of the fashion meme?

Exploring the origins and progress of memes in fashion

Designers  –  Jul 2021

Footwear 101: The process, art, and business of 13 shoe designers

Ever wondered what’s running through a footwear designer's mind? Well, we found out

Interviews  –  Jul 2021

Keiga Hua Hui wanted to know what Mats Rombaut thinks of digital fashion

The menswear student spoke to the Belgian footwear designer about his eponymous vegan shoewear label

Interviews  –  Jul 2021

Menswear designer Bianca Saunders and graduate Dylan Mekhi are creating their own paths

Both hoping to pave a way for others to follow in their footsteps

Interviews  –  Jul 2021

“Does the show- and production system limit creation?” fashion student Shykira Teague in conversation with designer Shanel Campbell

The New York-based designers point to the difficulties that come with being a Black female designer in today’s industry

Interviews  –  Jul 2021

Gareth Wrighton shared everything about his creative process with student Callum Hansen

The two CSM Fashion Communication graduates discuss how to translate your creativity to a fast-paced industry

Opinion  –  Apr 2021

The vicious cycle of creative perfectionism

Harmful self-doubt or critical acclaim? Creative perfectionism is a ridge walk between extremes

Fashion Journalism  –  Jun 2021

Olivia Singer on the democratisation of the front row

British Vogue’s fashion news director shares her spontaneous journey into the fashion industry and calls for more clarity amongst young creatives

Fashion Journalism  –  Apr 2021

Advice for young creatives from Susannah Frankel and Alexander Fury

The Editor in Chief and Fashion Features Director of AnOther Magazine talk frankly about the fashion industry, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the publication

Designers  –  Jul 2021

Jordan Dalah: balancing theatricality and wearability on the runway

The emerging designer talks about the value of the fashion show in his work and the importance of sticking to your ideas

Miscellaneous  –  Jul 2021

This is where you can source sewing patterns online

We asked our audience to share their go-to pattern resources

Miscellaneous  –  Mar 2021

A very long list of fashion podcasts

From advice on pattern cutting to luxury fashion in Early Black African civilisations, this podcast list covers everything fashion-related!

Miscellaneous  –  Jul 2021

Vogue individualist Patterns: Should you start collecting?

What is the story behind the Vogue individualist patterns and why are they in high demand again?

Miscellaneous  –  Jul 2021


From online museum collections to a niche archive of Iranian dresses, research away!

Industry  –  Jun 2021

Hiroshi Fujiwara: The godfather of street fashion on the bliss of staying independent

Prolific collaborator Hiroshi Fujiwara became a fashion cult figure by staying original

Industry  –  Jun 2021

Gucci's Brand and Customer engagement EVP Robert Triefus on embracing change

How can we embrace change and innovation without forgetting the risks that come with it?

Graduate Shows  –  Jul 2021

We're all pushing boundaries, but RCA MA FASHION 2021 might actually break them

This year the Royal College of Art Fashion MA offered pathways such as Humanwear, Bio-Wear Activism, and No-wear. What are these students making and why is this the future of fashion?

Graduate Shows  –  Mar 2021

Institut Français de la Mode MA 2021: Show & Full Line-ups

Watch IFM’s first-ever show and meet the class of 2021

Graduate Shows  –  Mar 2021

CSM MA FASHION SHOW 2021: Purpose over hype

Education without structure gave this graduate class the opportunity to think outside of the box

Designers  –  Feb 2021

Designers' Nest 2021: Full Line-Ups and backstage moments from the show

Have a look at this year's Designer's Nest finalists and find out the criteria of the contest

Opinion  –  Jun 2021

Will quitting social media destroy my creative career?

Is going offline the ultimate dilemma between good mental health and a successful creative career?

are you too old to make it in fashion?

Opinion  –  Sep 2020

Are you too old to make it in fashion?

As fashion graduates have to live up to unfeasible career paths, established designers face ageism in an industry infatuated with youth

Fashion Educators  –  Jun 2021

Sarah Gresty on why tutors can't have egos

Bottega Veneta's creative director Daniel Lee, invited his former tutor and CSM's BA Fashion course leader to be part of the brand's new campaign; we spoke with her about fashion, teaching, and mental health

Fashion Educators  –  Apr 2021

Thierry Rondenet wants fashion students to deconstruct clichés

The MA menswear director at IFM asks his students to rethink dogmas ‒ but makes sure they have fun in the process

Miscellaneous  –  Jul 2021

Top fashion moments in paintings

We asked you which painting has inspired your fashion work and we are sharing the answers!

Miscellaneous  –  Jul 2021

Anna Pesonen’s guide to art as meditation

The "BREATHE" stylist explains how sculptures and spaces can help her find peace

Miscellaneous  –  May 2021

A love letter to Yves Saint Laurent’s 1966 ‘Le Smoking’

13 years after his death we look back at one of Yves Saint Laurent’s most iconic designs: Le Smoking

Miscellaneous  –  May 2021

ARTSTHREAD 2021: Why and how you can apply to the global graduate showcase

ARTSTHREAD partners with GUCCI for the 2021 Global Design graduate show

Fashion Journalism  –  Feb 2021

Durga Chew-Bose: "Don’t shy away from having a voice"

SSENSE's Managing Editor shares what she is looking for in a writer and how culture informs her work

Mahoro Seward

Fashion Journalism  –  Jan 2021

Mahoro Seward: “Fashion is the most immediate symptom of culture”

i-D’s staff writer & 1 Granary’s former editor on how literature got him into fashion