Representing the creative future

Designers  –  Oct 2021

Can comradeship last after graduation? The E.A.A collective might have the answer

As Asian diasporas and classmates, 5 fresh RCA graduates became a communal force

Graduate Shows  –  Jul 2021

We're all pushing boundaries, but RCA MA FASHION 2021 might actually break them

This year the Royal College of Art Fashion MA offered pathways such as Humanwear, Bio-Wear Activism, and No-wear. What are these students making and why is this the future of fashion?

Designers To Hire

Shanti Bell: Representing the Weight of Masculinity

The graduate’s BA collection, featuring woodwork sculptures and tailored menswear, was inspired by conversations with her brother

Designers  –  May 2021

Khanh Brice Nguyen on knitwear, experimental processes, and freelance work

The young designer pushes the limits of knitwear and questions the process behind the craft

Designers  –  Mar 2021

Sinéad O’Dwyer on tackling the systemic oppression of the female form

The womenswear designer on the importance of utilising body shape in the design process, rather than making clothes that simply fit

Designers To Hire

Fi Grew makes fashion without clothes

Photographing and collaging against the basic preconception of fashion

Royal College of Art  –  Dec 2020

Krystal Paniagua on starting your own e-shop

Puerto Rican designer Krystal Paniagua explains the workings of selling her work directly to customers

Designers To Hire

Mei Sze Tsang designs workwear for bricklayers

Reimagining a working-class uniform with nary a blue collar in sight.

are you too old to make it in fashion?

Opinion  –  Sep 2020

Are you too old to make it in fashion?

As fashion graduates have to live up to unfeasible career paths, established designers face ageism in an industry infatuated with youth

Royal College of Art Class of 2020

Royal College of Art  –  Jul 2020

The RCA Class of 2020 is not trying to join the industry

Famous for doing things differently and questioning the industry, the RCA 's head of fashion and students talk about the pros and the cons of an online show, and how they won't join a flawed system

Designers  –  Jan 2020

Arnar Már Jónsson and Luke Stevens: Getting better every day

The designer duo are swapping seasonality and newness for continuity and refinement

Royal College of Art  –  Oct 2019

Krystal Paniagua: Exposing the hidden charm of Puerto Rico’s decay

Meet the RCA graduate making garments that document the beautiful imperfections of life in her homeland.