Representing the creative future

Royal College of Art  –  Jul 2019

Fabian Kis-Juhasz and her Devilish Damsels

The former RCA student talks femininity, Fashion Week and the fickle reality of success.

Royal College of Art  –  Jul 2019

At ease: Bianca Büche’s functional elegance

Meet the RCA graduate exploring the marriage of slick formality and cushioned comfort.

Royal College of Art  –  Jun 2019

Body Talk With Sinéad O’Dwyer

The RCA graduate and VOID designer on silicone breasts, body dysmorphia, and why innovation is the key to inclusivity

Royal College of Art  –  May 2019

The sacred space between dress and undress

Seohee Kim's RCA graduate collection explores the quiet bliss of moments spent alone in her dressing.

Royal College of Art  –  Jun 2018

"The weirder, the better." Dive into the minds of RCA's MA graduates

A little insight into the magical, absurd, grotestque and wonderful worlds of a few of this year's graduates.

Royal College of Art  –  Feb 2018

Transforming the mundane with Bianca Saunders

The work of the RCA graduate explores black masculinity and gender expectations in London.

Designers To Hire

London-based knitwear designer Eleana Burrow’s design process based on her instinct

Designing is a response to her own life, so practicality meet emotions, textures, lines and shapes to structure the fluid silhouettes in her knits

Designers To Hire

Shanghai-based designer Zheng Lu believes the future is mechanical

A collection about rebelling against industry norms, Zheng Lu’s search for a well-oiled fashion system led him to create workwear with his own spin on anti–fashion

Designers To Hire

Ellen Fowles: “Fashion is for everyone regardless of age or ability”

Meet the graduate breaking stigma with her functional yet affordable adaptive wear

Designers To Hire

Søs Christine Hejselbæk on 3D-printing away a carbon footprint

The designer discusses making photosynthetic sculptures for the body

Designers To Hire

Jaden Cho on Non-objects

The South Korean designer wants to redefine the role of couture in modern society

Designers To Hire

Lee Hurst wants to bring back the old-world charm in fashion

A traditionalist at heart, his tailoring methods mix the bygone era with a personal twist to create heirlooms to pass down generations