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Designers  –  Nov 2021

Nong Rak: The full story behind the knits that everyone is talking about

The creative duo, Cherry W. Rain-Phuangfueang and Home Phuangfueang, on sustainability, Instagram, and perseverance

Designers  –  Nov 2021

Discover the finalists of the 2022 International Woolmark Prize

Outpacing hundreds of applicants, seven brands are set to create collections uniting fun and transparency to claim the prestigious industry prize

Designers  –  Nov 2021

Johanna Parv on the joy of independent fashion practice

For her latest capsule collection, Johanna Parv collaborated with women for whom cycling is part of everyday-life to create fashionable pieces that function on two wheels

Designers  –  Nov 2021

The importance of creating a safe space for your team

A dive into the process of HÄN, a film exploring gender equity and diversity

Designers  –  Nov 2021

Mikolaj Żurek on doing fashion in Poland

The designer speaks about pursuing fashion in Poland and the hard work behind upcycling

Designers  –  Nov 2021

Terrence Zhou is the internet’s favourite designer

Meet the designer that pushes the limits of what society thinks of clothing

Designers  –  Nov 2021

Chatting with four BFC scholars on the significance of support grants in education

How useful can scholarships be in the time of Brexit?

Designers  –  Oct 2021

Sofia Ilmonen is one of the HYÈRES Festival winners of 2021

Hyères Festival returns for the 36th time this year again to award the talented Sofia Ilmonen

Designers  –  Oct 2021

Ellen Hodakova Larsson on her debut collection for Hodakova and the notion of validation

Ellen Hodakova Larsson sat down for a designer-to-designer chat and shared the joys of upcycling

Graduate Shows  –  Oct 2021

The Royal Danish Academy class of 2021 doesn’t really go by fixed rules

Discover the collections and thinking of this year’s fashion class

Designers  –  Oct 2021

Simone Rocha on building a world-renowned fashion brand

The Irish fashion designer was interviewed by Dazed's editorial director Lynette Nylander on the last day of Dazed Live

Designers  –  Oct 2021

Would you share creative credit with your artisans? Joao Maraschin built his business model around it

For the Brazilian designer, craft is creativity. His brand offers an alternative to our ego-centric practices